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    Copenhagen, Denmark
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    Formerly racing sailboats as navigator.
    Flight simming.
    Visiting my leasure house on Anholt (EKAT).
    My grandchildren.

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  1. I have the baton from MRLB to MGGT in ABC-SOH-SHUPE Grumman F8F (Bearcat).
  2. Flying Wingman from TBPB to SOCA in SOH F7F-3 w/tanks Unfinished Marines.
  3. I have the baton from CYQM to KPVD in RR-SOH DH Hornet F mk.1. 5 minute wingman transfer penalty taken.
  4. I have the baton from 1S5 to KDLS in RR-SOH DH Hornet F mk.1.
  5. (Callsign) JockHA (Flightsim Version) FSX (Experience in Flightsim) RTW racer since 2008; anything except large fixed wing (B747...) (Timezone +/- UTC) UTC +1 (Denmark)
  6. I am in. I have not been flying much. As boat season has ended its time to start again. As I will retire in 5 working days, I will have plenty of time. Rules: I can live with anything, but I prefer more complex rules. Jock
  7. Hip, Hip, HurrayHip, Hip, HurrayHip, Hip, HurrayHuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
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