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  1. Happy Anniversary John Nobes!

  2. Happy Anniversary John Nobes!

  3. HiI recently added the Bae 146 from the Historic JetLiners Group. I have 3 different liverys, 2 of which show in Xpax and 1 does not. I have tried deleting the folder as suggested elsewhere in the forum but no luck. I have forwarded the aircaft .cfg file to you marked "FAO Carl" on the 13th January and again on the 18th but had no reply. Can you please advise if there is anything I can do because the one thats missing is the one I want to use!Thanks in advanceJohn
  4. HiI have just re-installed RC4 after a prolonged break from flying. My version is showing as 4.0.3675. I am using only for FS9 and release notes say I should NOT update to 4.3 but should have 4.2 but the links to 4.2 do not work. Could you advise please?Thanks in advanceJohn
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