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  1. I finally found what the problem was. Before, I tryed to turn off every power management software there is, but didn't check the BIOS. There is another CPU power saving option in the BIOS, i turned it off and now problem is gone :) It looks like it was reducing CPU power on inactive (minimized) applications. Thanks everyone for trying to help!
  2. Thanks for your efforts, I appreciate it. I will reply with the progress i get also.
  3. >Also when minimized I can here the flightsim running but when>i try to start another program FS9 pauses for me .>How do you get it to run without pausing >Let me know and i will try a flight on my lappy and pc>together with one minimized and see if the outcome is the same>as yours>Mark>Edit pause on task unchecked still dont want to play!!!!Hmm, my FS doesn't pause if minimized. I also don't have FS sound if it is minimized, sounds come back if i make FS window active. It looks like FS does what ever it wants on every individual system :)
  4. The CPU load drops immediately to under 10% once FS is minimized, even if no other programs being run. Thats weird :(
  5. Doesn't look so, I tried to turn off every power management option there is (while powered from the adapter), nothing changes the situation.
  6. Here some more info:I tryed couple of things and found out, that when in windowed mode (alt+enter) and in the background NOT MINIMIZED, the speed is normal, and CPU load is normal also. It only slows down if FS is minimized, and CPU load drops to under 10%. So how does minimizing the FS window affect it like this?
  7. I have this problem. First, it seemed to me that i fly somewhat slow. Doing IVAO Long Haul tour i noticed that other planes flying the same leg are moving faster on the map, they even overtake me enroute with lower mach speeds. Just now i measured some things and found out that after flying for 60 minutes at 450 ground speed i only covered 270nm of the route on the map. Its only so if FS is being run in the background. When FS is opened on the screen, the speed is normal. It appears that simulation slows down considerably when i switch to desktop during the flight (Alt+Tab), somehow it works very slow in the background. Any idea how to correct that? I use laptop, Core 2 Duo 5270 1.4Ghz, 2 GB RAM, Nvidia 8600 GS 512 mb. When i switch to desktop with FS running at the background, Core 1 load drops from 90-100% to just 5-10%, almost like its idle. And yes, i have 'pause on task switch' unchecked. Any thoughts?
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