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  1. Really sorry Andy for u and your family.... He was a great man.........I will miss him .... My condolences Andi...... to Steve:everywhere you are now just many thanks for what you did for us.... Luca Di Francesco
  2. yes Steve I m usual to configure Aircraft files,sound file etc... Anycase just to make u sure I placed nosegear sound in fsx/sound/PMDG/737ngx/various and GRND sound into Aircraft sound folder ... regards Luca Di Francesco
  3. I know that in some addon airport part of gnd roll sound is missing but I ve tried also in many default airport and ...same result...I just hear nosegear sound and no taxi roll.... regards Luca Di Francesco
  4. hi guys I follow this thread from its begining and,of course I download the sound packs and tried them all....finally found my perfect sound for nosegear roll and for groundroll (taxi sound)...everything was fine and perfect with my new system (i7 3770k @4.5 Ghz -- gtx 680---16 Gb RAM 2.000 Mhz) but some weeks ago (I still don't know why) I stop to hear the Groundroll sound... my soundcard is an integrated REALTEK HD... I tried different presets on the equalizer but ...nothing... I tried unistall NGX and install it again ,reinstalling my sound set and....nothing...I just hear the nosegear roll sound but not the groundroll sound.... have u guys some idea on what could happen here ??? really hope that someone of u can give me some help... best regards Luca Di Francesco
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