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  1. Steve: Awesome job on all your paints lately. I can't keep up with you! :Applause: The Pan Am -600 looks great,so also the Billboard -700! And... the Braniff's are magnificent! TWA birds also look great! Thanks again for making the NGX look its best! :good:
  2. Braniff!!! now that.. I'm looking forward to see! The flying colors? All of them? I'd love to fly the dark blue version! Feel I have to spring for the -6-700 package,now that you're painting them up in every retro airline availiable almost. :Applause:
  3. No worries Steve, I have enough to "play" with for now anyway. I''m sure someone will get to it eventually. I'm all "booked" up with Delta and Pan Am flights for an unforseeable period of time now anyway. B)
  4. Yes, you are right and wrong. :P Yes Braathens had -700,but..there is a difference between birds on the old brand Braathens S.A.F.E. and the modern era Braathens. The -700 in the modern era didn't have the old retro SAFE livery and doesn't look that good. Btw, Braathens was eventually eaten by SAS and spit out and stepped on when resources was diguested. Braathens SAFE also had two 767-200 for a while! LN-SUV and LN-SUW,and I've traveled on them both. B) Who better to do that "stubby" little SAFE paint than you then! :lol:
  5. Fabo is right. The Braathens SAFE screen is an NG. It is the FS9 PMDG 737-700.Braathens SAFE had a lot of -200's and later -500's + some -400, but never the NG.So it actually would be suitable to choose any or all of the models for the NGX.And yes Steve, the angle of the shot and resizing makes it look a little "stubby". :(
  6. Nice Hapag! And Eastern looks to be turning out nice as well!Who has planned a TWA? God , it's like Retro heaven in here at the moment! Anyone wants to make yet another retro? Steve? Steve A? Fabo?Well, it wouldn't be wrong to get this bird painted up:
  7. Steve: Awesome -800 job, as the others! That livery is gonna get an all 50 states tour for DVA starting soon.Thanks for your efforts to suit up the NGX. :(Carlitos: Exellent that you contribute to getting new paints an AI counterpart! Nice job :good:Now I'm gonna take the Delta -800 for a spin up in north-western Canada to show it off! :(
  8. Being named Steve..seems to be a requirement for doing really nice paints! :biggrin:Both the TNT and the Pan Am are looking good! Exellent jobs to Steve x 2! :(
  9. Exellent Steve!! I also think that, as you say,since it's a -800 it's in it's place to do it with winglets.Looking forward to fly in style yet again. Maybe I'll just make a tour out of it and fly all Delta 738 routes in the schedule!Thanks for the effort yet again Steve!
  10. Nice work Steve, just bloody nice!! And.. I'm one of those who like a clean and not weathered paint.So I'm a happy camper! If you get around to making an -800 I think DVA will put you on the christmas list.At least I will!Been waiting for and asking for Widget since NGX was released Finally!
  11. Lord oh sweet *******, mother have mercy... Finally a Delta retro widget paint!!!!Exellent work Steve!! :Applause:I beg of you, can you do one for 738 also? Pretty please? :(
  12. I'd like to see Pan Am Retro and Delta Widget liveries.
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