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  1. 😃Thanks toucanair for your quick reply.Thats indeed what hes saying.I have the radio altimeter @ 50 ft for 777 Autoland.
  2. ❓On Autoland about 1500 agl, the first officer says rad out or something to that effect.Can anyone tell me what this means?
  3. thanks delcom.id tried pauls method but nogo. the APU FIRE SWITCH is one i havent looked at.ill look on the o/head panel and see if it is pulled. regards Derek.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply paul.maybe i should start the apu like you do ie turning off the runway.ill give it a go regards Derek.
  5. How do you start the apu after landing when taxing to the gate?Ive read the manuals and tried with the overhead panel but no go.The only thing i can do is shut down the engines and wait for external power.But i lose everying until the power is established.This isnt very realistic.In the real world aircraft have the apu running before they get to the gate.Any advice appreciated.
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