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  1. Sorry about the name thing, my full name is Bjarne Otto.😳 I use ENVSHADE, but the result is the same, if I use the program, or not. I have tried to delete the shaders, in P3D, but that did not help. I think it was after the update to P3D V4,4 that the problem came, and no, the graphic is the same, and I don't have any problems with my other PMDG products cockpits (777 and 747). I always run Active Sky, UTLive and ENVTEX/ENSHADE together with P3D V4,4, run as administrator. I have FSDT GSX installed as well and use NAVIGRAPH. Bjarne Otto
  2. Hi Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the colors of the virtual cockpit in all my 737NGX in P3D V4,4. It is almost white or colorless without any conjunctures. I have re-downloaded and re-installed two times now, but get the same result. The strange thing is, that the Poseidon, which use the same cockpit, is totally normal. I would have liked to upload a picture of the missing colors, bur I don't have a clue about how to do that. Thank you in advance Bjarne
  3. Hi Mike Thanks for your advise, I tried to reinstall A2A Cessna 182, but it did not make any difference, no electricity, no start of engine. I am wondering, what, or where is it, that connect our add-on planes with the simulator? I was looking in the add-ons.cgf file, and it is absolut empty! It is the only cgf.file that have no content. Is that the reason? I have around 25 add-on planes. Cheers Bjarne
  4. Hi there. I am getting very frustrated, because after updating P3D to V3,5, all of my add-on planes are non functional, they are there, but dont work, no electricity, no knobs or anything working in the cockpit. :wub: I made a full download from LM, uninstalled my "old" version, cleaned the registry, restarted my pc and run the installer, pointing to the same location as before, on my E drive. All the default planes are working fine, but none of the add-ons!! Hope someone can help, best regards Bjarne Otto GeForce GTX 780 Intel i7 CPU 1600 GB RAM Windows 10 Pro
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