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  1. So, First download was about 22GB. No idea what that was about. It is now downloading what i presume to be the patch at 7.39GB. Any body have an idea why it would download the 22GB?
  2. Just flew the Carenado Ovation out of Buffalo. Five minutes into the flight, the plane started to act erratically till a finale pitch down ended the flight with an aircraft stress message. This is not aircraft specific, but rather a flaw in the flight sim its self i would think.
  3. Mmmm. Must of missed that. How does one get the G3000 into the Cessna 172?
  4. Id love a good ole gauge 172 in the sim. I got the standard edition so only have the glass cockpit plane. Which indecently, i think looks out of place for a Cessna 172.
  5. What a joy to read. This is one of the things a flight sim should be doing. That is to say, making someone feel good. If i was one of the developers, this one post would make it all worth while .Nice one!
  6. Hello fellow simmers. Well a week in and i for one am loving this new sim. Now i do not pretend to understand coding, so if I'm wrong, please correct me.(The wife does all the time so no worries) Would it not be beneficial all round that the SDK be released to the various developers, i.e. Planes and scenery before release of sim? I see a lot of posts where folks are on the fence waiting for their favorite add on to be developed before they buy the sim. If it was released pre sim, i can see the various developers being ready for the day of sim release, or pretty close to it.
  7. Was having an awful time with the auto pilot in small aircraft. I don't fly tube liners. Could not figure out why when engaged, it would pitch all over the place when the mouse was panning over the yoke. Turns out by default, the mouse is used to fly the plane. Deleted the mouse inputs and auto pilot is now stable.
  8. I just landed on a grass strip called, Fowlers Field. Now this is five minutes away from where i live. (Owen Sound) Blew me away when i saw the thing they have to show you an airport. He has Piper Cubs, three i think parked there. How's that for realism?
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