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  1. Olivier_Moens

    690B MOD v5.0

    I don't think so, it was distributed through author's dropbox
  2. Olivier_Moens

    690B MOD v5.0

    ??? NEVER attempt to start a TPE331 when the props are not in the locks. You will for sure get a hot start and melt down your turbine. The drag of the prop is way too high to get the engine spooling up. Furthermore, if you bring the power lever in the reverse position with engine not running, assuming the engine control switch is in AIR Start position (to get the unfeathering pump on line), the prop will go toward feathering, but as s the prop is not rotating, the locks will stay in place as inertia moves the locks away - that why the chek list says 85% rpm minimum. As soon as you will set the power lever back to idle, the blades will hit the locks again. What you are reffering to is the procedure to bring back the prop in the locks BEFORE starting, in case you failed to lock the propeller at shutdown or had a prop feathered for any reason.
  3. That 's not the way to shut down an engine in a 690. You have to bring power levers to idle, condition to low RPM, then switch off Engine control switches (black rotating knob on the overhead). Before reaching down 50% RPM, bring power lever to reverse, to put propellers in the locks. Shuting down engines using the condition lever will shutdown the engine but also bring the prop to feather. It is used in flight in case of engine failure. This is not PT6 engine 😉
  4. Olivier_Moens

    Should I get the 690B?

    You will probably find the solution for the landing lights here. This is a mod that Bill did to use a single key for the landing lights using FSUIPC. To revert to the original 3 switches is easy.
  5. Olivier_Moens

    ILS Landings

    CDI soft button at the bottom center of the GTN screen. You should have VLOC in green in the status bar below, instead of GPS in magenta
  6. Olivier_Moens

    Interior lights

    Can't agree more. Bill did (and still does) an outstanding job to improve the Turbo commander. Many thanks to him
  7. Hi, Carenado has obviously forgotten to equip his 690 with a NAV1/NAV2 swap switch to select the DME source. Is there a way to link the DME to NAV2, instead of NAV1? Thank you.
  8. Olivier_Moens

    Help getting CDI to follow GTN Mod

    I don't have the Citation, unfortunately, I can't help you further
  9. Olivier_Moens

    Help getting CDI to follow GTN Mod

    You can choose the CDI source at the bottom of the GPS touchscreen. In the bottom annunciator row, you will get VLOC in green or GPS in magenta (GTN750)
  10. Olivier_Moens

    690B Mods v2

    Engine control switch, (not knob, sorry) the big black rotating switches on the overhead. The ones used to start the engines ;-) Positions are eng off, fuel pump on, air start run, ground start run.
  11. Olivier_Moens

    690B Mods v2

    Hi Whamill, many thanks for the great job. In my case I have to bring the engine control knobs back to air start position to have the engines spool up above 14%, which is not correct. Is this one of the possible glitches you talked above?
  12. Olivier_Moens

    690B Discrepancy List

    It says: It's about the story of the half empty/half full glass
  13. Olivier_Moens

    690B Discrepancy List

    Great , I will try . thanks for the fix
  14. Olivier_Moens

    690B Discrepancy List

    Hi everyone, here is another bug Prop sync annunciatior light is always lit when prop sync is selected ON. The annunciator light should be ON only when : 1) Prop sync is ON And 2) gear is down and locked Fsx steam, Windows 7 64bits.
  15. Hi, Jim. Actually, no, I missed this update. So thank you very much for your post as my query is now satisfied. Thanks to Mindstar to have adressed this issue, it seems they are better with software than communication Happy flights