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  1. Hi there!,i'm unable too see the exhaust effect on engine and APU,is a P3D restricted effect,or FSX idees can see too???. Thanks. Tom Chevler
  2. Thanks a lot!,all clear now,and last question,with autobrakes correctly set before app,on the landing roll i don't get "brakes"message line in fsx,but testing without resversers can confirm the plane is braking and decelerating,my question again,is a new code???,in all other PMDG planes when autobrakes are working i can confirm also the "brakes" line in fsx like braking with the pedals. Eustt.
  3. Hi to all!,really want to say congrats to all PMDG team for such a great plane!. On my first test flight i found three little issues i want crosscheck with other pilots. 1.-I can't reset both (Radio and Baro) minimuns previously setted pressing the RST button on the efis control panel,like the 737 or 777(it does ok in both planes) 2.-Reviewing on the L FMC the STARS in flight for arrival,when passing pages too see all arrivals for any runway for example (2/5 page) the FMC goes up automatically to page (1/5)showing again the begining of the arrivals page. 3.-The MAP or CHART light at the bottom of the copilot right side window flickers when setted to maximun intensity,the captain map light is ok. Can anybody check this?,thanks a lot. Eusty.
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