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  1. Thanks for your suggestion Bob, haven't tried this but the intriguing thing is that this only affects RC's wx briefing but not the actual sim weather... Anyway I have managed to fix this by removing fsuipc.ini and letting FSUIPC rebuild a new one. I would like to try and isolate the actual line/command that causes this but not sure I'll have the patience! Thank you Salvador Kingston Upon Thames - UK
  2. Using P3D V4.5, windows 7 64bit. This has only started recently, no changes to system ornew addons/tools installed. Wx brf voice message reports visibility zero, temperature zero, dewpoint zero, QNH 0000. Default P3D ATIS information reports sensible values (ISA conditions for the default flight). This is independent of the aircraft selected or particular airport. Choosing a weather theme or external weather from Active Sky does not affect this behaviour. This does not happen though to FSX-SE which I have installed in the same system. I have reinstalled radar contact, FSUIPC, Active Sky and Simconnect, now running out of ideas. I wonder if anyone has experienced this or has any tips for me to try... Thanks Salvador Kingston Upon Thames - UK
  3. If I understand correctly, the problem is FS9 assigning controller axes to aircraft axes automatically, after you deleted them all from FS9 menu? You can try assigning one axis of every controller to an aircraft axis that you don't need. Say you never fly props, you'd assign one axis of your joystick to propeller pitch #4 - obviously you can still assign this axis to elevator or what you need from FSUIPC. I think this stops FS9 recreating assignments for that controller?
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