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  1. Thanks John. I dont know if it is the engines or the sound from the packs. Maybe will submit a ticket to PMDG. Thanks Kyle; I tried changing the setup for the harware and although on one occasion it will work I dont hear other stuff like the click when putting on flaps.
  2. Thanks guy, I will try turning down the Wind volume. I was just wondering since everything is fine on the 777, I will also compare both settings. Thanks to all of you.
  3. The noise while flying; I think it might the Packs. I tried in the FMC but it did nothing. Since nobody else seems to have this problem I will dig deeper. Kevin thank you for your information but I went and put the same values and it did nothing. Will report if I find something. Maybe a complete re-install???
  4. First let me say I am sorry if this issue has been adressed. I check on the forum and on internet. My problem is the ambience volume is too lound. I have the 777 and it is just perfect. My FSX volume is at 50 with my speakers detected (same as the one in the Sounds page in the FMC. I tried reducing the Master and Ambiance to no avail. Thanks for any help and again sorry if this was posted somewhere else. Regards. Louis Sanson CYUL
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