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  1. Hello, I am trying to use SimFDR for some VFR GA flights. When I click Start Flight, I get a Dialog Box that says "MSFS/Prepar3D is not ready to fly. Please start MSFS/Prepar3D and load your aircraft." The simFDR Status window contains the following: simFDR Client version 2.0 (Build 10 beta 1) started Detected FSUIPC Bridge to MSFS/Prear3D Registered FSUIPC v5.124 detected Unknown simulator version -12 I am using P3D v4.2 and the A2A C172. I haven't tried any other aircraft with simFDR. If I try to use DVA ACARS (with Training Flight checked), it looks like it detects everything, but it doesn't like the choice of airports I have for my particular flight. Is P3D v4.2 and A2A C172 a supported configuration? Thanks! Mike
  2. That's exactly what I did! The throttle lever didn't move. I tested this on the ground by hitting E+2, and only the #2 throttle moved. Hitting E by itself restored controls to normal. Thanks for your help!
  3. Yesterday I flew the RNAV-Y Rwy 1 approach at KJAC. Like every flight before this, I disengaged autopilot/autothrottle at 2000 ft AGL to hand fly in. The number 1 engine became stuck at about 65% N1. Whenever I moved the throttle controller, only the number 2 engine responded. I never ran into this before. I wound up shutting the #1 down, and doing a go around. Has anyone ever run into this before?
  4. Hey all, Is there a preferred method to cargo loading? To keep the math simple, if I have 10,000 lbs of cargo, do you just put 5,000 in each hold, or is there a particular ratio that you should use. Thanks! Mike
  5. Hey all, I have a question regarding the stabilizer trim settings, and the differences between the -700 and the -800. When I fly the -700 with the trim setting per the CDU I generally don't need to give a lot of elevator input to accelerate after take off. When I fly the -800 with the trim setting per the CDU, I need to give almost full down elevator deflection and then add a significant amount of down trim to accelerate. Is this the correct behavior? Part of me thinks the answer(s) are: 1.) The -700 is an apple, the -800 is an orange, therefore you are comparing apples to oranges. 2.) You are doing it wrong. Another part of me thinks the answer is a combination of 1 & 2. Any input/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Mike Murphy
  6. Thanks for your help! I use AdaCalc and have found that very helpful to calculate TAS based on mach and ISA deviation. I use a cost index of 34 because I think I read that 34 is a reasonable cost index.
  7. Hi All, I did a quick flight from KBNA to KGSP at FL290 in the 700 last night. During my preflight, I attempted to calculate my TAS in knots based on the flight level, Mach speed, and ISA deviation. I am having trouble estimating my mach speed. Using 120,000 pounds, and a pressure altitude of 29,000, the Long Range Cruise Control chart on page PI.21.2 said my mach should have been .675. At cruise, based on my cost index of 34, my actual mach was .728. For the purposes of using the Long Range Cruise Control chart, is pressure altitude the same as cruise altitude? Do you need to adjust the results of the charts based on the cost index? I am going through the trouble of attempting to calculate my TAS so I can enter it in my ActiveSky and SquawkBox flight plan. Thanks! Mike Murphy
  8. Looks like I'm good to go. I changed it in the config screen, restarted, and sound was still coming through the speakers. I editied the ini to turn on/off the landing lights at 18,000, and when I started up the next time, sound was coming through the headset correctly. I'll chalk it up to gremlins. Thanks for your help! Great app, by the way!
  9. Hello, Up until version 1.3, I had my audio setup configured to use my USB headset. After I installed 1.3, the audio from FS2Crew, goes to my main speakers, and not my headset. In the audio setup, I see my headset and have it selected. If I go into the audio setup in Windows 7, I can verify that the headset is working properly. The headset sends/receives from Squawkbox correctly as well. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks! Mike
  10. Hello,After running with SP1 for a bit, I sometimes experience strange behavior on push back. I was pushing back from KATL this evening with a distance of 131 feet straight back with a 0 degree turn specified in the CDU. The push back started, and did not stop. In addition, it did not push straight back. It wound up doing a 270 degree turn to the left. I've experienced this behavior before when I specified a direction turn. This is the first time I experienced this problem with a command to push straight back. I do not recall experiencing this problem before SP1.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!Mike Murphy
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