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  1. thank you, i'll try and see if it works
  2. Hello, after buying a new machine and reinstalling all my FSX system, i began flying once again with PMDG, using the MD-11 and 747X However i seem to have some problems with FSX crashing randomly, and then, once rebooted, displaying the message "this feature requires that smartassembly is present on this computer" . I seem to get this error more often when using the 747x. I remember the sim crashed once or twice when loading (at 83%) and during a flight, shortly after beginning cruise and without even clicking anywhere. I used the MD-11 on a full flight without problems, it was only one flight so i know it doesn't mean much, but i thought the 747x had something to do with the issue. I used to get this issue also before changing computer, and i've read that it might be related to the infamous UIAutomationcore.dll; after witnessing the issue once again, i checked my FSX root folder and there was no such .dll . So I decided to download it and put it there, but it seems it didn't help that much. If it can be useful to you, i'll write down a list of all the addons i was running on the last flight that crashed: -Radar Contact 4.2 -Active Sky 2012 -Ultimate Traffic 2 -FS2crew -The departure airport was addon but not a payware scenery so it couldn't put that much weight on the simulator more than default scenery. Thank you for any suggestions.
  3. Positive, 100%, i always keep FSX in windowed as i have a triple monitor setup and windowed screws up resolutions and stuff. Not to mention it takes longer to shift from the simulator to, say, a webpage Exactly, i've read posts by other users who could not run EZCA.exe along with FSX, but i'm not having that problem, ezca starts fine. I appreciate your help anyway mate.
  4. No luck, shift + D doesn't help
  5. Hello, i know i shouldn't post here but at the proper forum i received no help and i'm clueless ok, i changed computer and reinstalled FSX along with its addons, including EZCA camera software. The program installed fine, i ran the config utility and it regularly starts up with FSX. But when I click on the top menu addons\ezdok camera\show studio nothing happens. Ezca still seems to work, as i can't cycle the views like normal FSX woula allow me to, and if i press numpad 2 (the default EZCA key to edit the current camera position) i can hear the distintive 'bing' and i can pan around with the mouse. Without the studio i can't add more cockpit cameras as i used to, i can't add aircraft external views nor world cameras Is there any EZCA user that can help me? Thank you
  6. Thanks, however I don't use 9dragons's scenery, i own FlyTampa. I'll just look at the correct format in the entries
  7. i tried using your exact comms line, but i still get the error. maybe the problem is not in those files but elsewhere. Are you sure that this "get_arrival_info" error concerns f4.csv only?
  8. Nope, still the same error. it's getting frustrating...
  9. I've always inserted the entry for VHHX betweeh VHHH and VIAG, no good news. r4.cvs and a4.cvs both have an entry for VHHX; however i went through other files as well and i've noticed that m4.csv has no VHHX entry. maybe that's the problem? what exactly do you mean, restoring f4.cvs to before my modifications? i always back it up, so no worries about that
  10. Yes, i have, as i've told you I always back up before editing. This particular airport was not present in the vanilla installation of RC, and was added by rebuilding the database. There is no entry for this airport in the f4.csv. I've tried entering blank frequencies, just as a proof of concept, as this: VHHX,Kai Tak Intl,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 But the error is still displayed. This could mean i have to do some editing elsewhere too, but i'm totally clueless on that matter
  11. Hi Quite some time ago I've asked in this very forum how to edit the radio frequencies at a specific airport permanently. I was told to backup the file f4.csv and then to make my changes usingf a specific format. Well, after reinstalling RC i tried to do it again, after rebuilding the database, and RC gives me the following error: Run-time error '62' RadarContact.rcv4module.get_arrival_information and then it crashes. It happens only when i select a flightplan including that particular airport. i have FSUIPC version 4.70 and Makerwys 4.60. I use FSX What can I do?
  12. Thank you very much, that's allI needed
  13. Hi, after a long time I'm back to simulation, and I've forgotten a couple of things.First: after rebuilding the scenery database, 6 files are created in the main FSX folder, what should I do with them?Second: about a year ago I asked here how I could define permanently the comm frequencies for an airport which hadn't them (so I could have realistic frequencies without having to insert them every single time before starting a flight). However recently I've had to reinstall RC4, so all these changes got lost with the files.I want to do this operation once again, but I forgot how. Can anyone help me?Much appreciated, thank you
  14. Hi, please tell me if this question is in the wrong sectionAnyway, here's my issue: As you know at VHHX aircraft land with a final turn, and in FSX I have a scenery which tells AI aircraft to fly that way.However some aircraft fly nice and straight down the middle of the approach while others fly way to the left in an unrealistic fashion. There's even a 737 that flies up and down and touches ground inside some houses. (would like to post a video I've recorded but cannot upload it)The manual of this scenery states that this behavior is coded inside the Aircraft.cfg file, and it is also intended to simulate the usage of different procedures at the real VHHX airport.But I want to eliminate this.So, is it possible to take the parameters from the .cfg of the aircraft that fly correctly and put it into the .cfg of those that don't? Anyone can tell me how to do this?Thank you in advance
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