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  1. Turns out the knowledge base over at PMDG solved the issue. Just needed to ensure the PMDG 737NGX was the first and only aircraft loaded in memory at the start. Everything is now working as best as I can tell. Thanks, Carl Wilson Here's the link: http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a112/important-and-nearly-foolproof-steps-to-running-your-pmdg-product-in-prepar3d-v3.aspx
  2. Good morning...just wanted to let everyone know that I upgraded to Prepar3d 3.1 last night via first deleting the client and content portions of Prepar3d and then reinstalling the updated 3.1 client and content MSIs. All went well, except now the 737NGX is not responding to several "click spots" and I can't release the parking brake either w/ the keyboard, the click spot, or my saitek rudder pedals. Everything work great prior to the 3.1 update. Any suggestions? Carl
  3. Sure did...all other aircraft the brakes work as advertised...just not the PMDG 737NGX. Just discovered that I'm also have some "click spots" that no longer work.... LOL...sure did. Seems like the 3.1 update certainly messed w/ the 737NGX.
  4. Are you using any Saitek products? If so what drivers are you using to control them?
  5. Yeah...I'm afraid I'll end up doing a complete reinstall as well. I was just curious to see if anyone else was having the exact same problem and how they fixed it.
  6. Nope...I can see the brakes (red letters) flash, but then it's right back to parking brake on.
  7. Last night I installed the update for 3.1 (only client and content) and everything seemed to go ok...no big issues to speak of. Then I attempted a flight in the PMDG 737NGX and was going through the preflight process and once I was ready for pushback, I attempted to release the parking brake and it would not turn off. The cockpit click point is there and works, but the brakes will not release, additionally each time I press the brake pedals (Saitek) the brakes (red letters) will flash but immediately come back and stay on. The brakes and everything else works great in all my other add-on aircraft. Any suggestions? Carl
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