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  1. Hi, everyone!I'm considering finally putting down the $30 to purchase the excellent MAAM DC-3 package. I've been a hold out for a while, relying instead on freeware examples. But the time has finally come...I think.I've read about other packages having problems running in Windows 7, especially the 64-bit version. (I'm still lamenting the loss of my favorite GA machine, the Dreamfleet Archer III, since I "upgraded" to 64-bit). There seem to be some problems with the MAAM DC-3, too. Can someone give a quick overview of problems that may occur when running the DC-3 in Win 7/64-bit? I'd love to make the purchase, especially to help out such a valuable facility as the MAAM, but want to make sure I'm getting the most from my limited financial resources.Sincerely,Al
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