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  1. That's great many thanks, I've also read that you should first delete all the P3d assignments to the X box controller first. Is that right and is there a quick way of removing them or do you have to do them one by one.
  2. Hi, can anyone signpost me to a Youtube tutorial to assign keys for Chaseplane views . Thanks in advance
  3. Apologies if this has been covered before, do I need the full Navigraph subscription ( Charts and FMS ) or can I just subscribe to the charts ? Thanks
  4. Thanks Jim, just had another CTD this time with a log as follows, (don't think its a hardware problem, not long had the machine and spec'd by Chillblast in the UK who specialise in FS PC's) Any advice would be appreciated Andrew -System -Provider [ Name].NET Runtime -EventID1026 [ Qualifiers]0 Level2 Task0 Keywords0x80000000000000 -TimeCreated [ SystemTime]2018-04-09T20:09:32.188043400Z EventRecordID17872 ChannelApplication ComputerDESKTOP-S6E6FPQ Security -EventData Application: Prepar3D.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: exception code c0020001, exception address 00007FFC1D964008 Stack:
  5. Upgraded to 4,2 last week and also updated other software and newly installed Little Navmap. Since then I have been having problems with P3d closing down ( not crashing but simply closing itself down ), the problem seems to occur at the start of a descent, frustrating after a long flight. There is no app crash log data. Software running P3d v4.2 GSX Pmdg 747 QOS Active sky P3dv4 Chaseplane Little Navmap Hardware Intel I7 8700 16GB ram GEforce GTX 1070 Anybody help
  6. I installed LNM last week and p3d seems to close down ( not crash as there is no error report ) when I start a descent - I also recently updated p3d to v4.2. Is LNM compatible with 4.2 ? Has anyone else experienced the same problem ?
  7. Not sure if this is on subject. Just beginning descent into WSSS from VHHH in PMDG 747. Left the room whilst in decent, on return P3d had shut down. Can't find application crash log so not sure what happened. i had updated to p3d v4.2 earlier in the day but hadn't updated PTA ( I now have ) Add ones running ( all current versions ) chaseplane asn traffic live Any ideas
  8. When taxiing from stand to runway my brakes overheat eventually leading to not being able to take off. I only use taxing speed ( although the aircraft seems to continually pick up speed so I have to keep applying a small amount of braking ) - any ideas please
  9. Hi Matt I have just purchased PTA and I am using your presets which are great. I use chaseplane and when moving from the sun into shade (EGBB UK 2000 ) all the scenery is in shade. Is this correct or is it something to do with my pc settings
  10. Hi, I am new to the PTA tool, where can I find other users presets as I currently only have MD's
  11. About 5 minutes into a PMDG 737 flight the mouse curser stopped working ( I couldn't use any switches or knobs ). Latest update runs when fsx is loaded so I assume I have up to date version. Is this the same problem ??
  12. When trying to install the libraries I keep getting the following error 'You do not have an fx2_bmp in your FSX /Effects/texture directory' This may have been covered before but any ideas
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