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  1. First of all "Thank You" for providing this wonderful FREE software. I am running FSX boxed w/all updates on a Windows 10 computer. I have a ton of ORBX scenery including ORBX's KMRY Monterey Regional Airport.. I would like to make a VFR flight plan starting at KMRY to KTVL, Lake Tahoe (ORBX scenery I have installed). When I select KMRY as departing airport it shows Monterey Peninsula and not the Regional Airport scenery. Can you help me resolve this issue. Without a doubt it's something I have or have not done and not your software. Thank You, greatful for any help you can provide.
  2. SailorDoc

    Mouse not working in FSX (boxed)

    Thank you Sir for your reply. Apparently it had something to do with updating my Wind10. Since then mouse clicks did not work, Track IR5 was hosed and SPAD Next was screwy. So Chris from Track IR had a workaround and now things are back to normal. Thanks again..
  3. Hello, running FSX (boxed) w/ all updates on a Windows 10 w/ all updates. I have all Logitech radio, autopilot and multipanel gear, along with Yoke and rudder pedals. Flying the A2A Cessna 172. Due to using fall Logitech gear, I went with SPAD several months ago and have had no issues with their software. Now, the mouse will no longer work where there are clickable areas within the cockpit, ie. opening windows/doors, opening/closing fuel shutoff valve or fuel selector switch, not able to click on lighting switches...and so on. I have not changed the cockpit view setting, using Chase plane. I have tried using different mice and plugging into different USB ports. Still no joy. If anyone can make a suggestion or offer any help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I have contacted SPAD NExt support maybe they have a workaround, also contacted A2A...Thanks again...
  4. yes sir the right toe brake shows up on the calibration. I have rudders and brakes disabled in FSX. Running boxed FSX. Appreciate your help. Thankyou
  5. Requesting any assistance is setting up Toe Brakes using FSUIPC pm Saitek Rudder pedals. The rudders work fine as well as the Left Toe Brake. Its the Right brake that will not calibrate, no differential braking w/right brake. I am running A2A Cessna 172, Windows 10. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. SailorDoc

    FlightSim Store issues

    Thank you for the reply.....
  7. SailorDoc

    FlightSim Store issues

    Hello AVSIM Folks, I have been away from FSX and flight sim in general for a few years due to health and computer issues. Over the past month I have been trying to reinstall all previous FSX (boxed) add ons that were purchased from a variety of vendors. All have been very cooperative and helpful in re-establishing contact with the exception of FlightSim Store. Over the past several weeks, nearly a month, I have sent several emails, Ticket submissions even sending a PM on their FaceBook page. I have even tried calling them from North Carolina, no answer. I have yet to hear ANY reply to to my emails, ticket submissions and PM. When calling the reply I receive is their box is full, call back later. My question is, "Are they still in business?". Have anyone else run into problems with trying to make contact with this company? Do you have any suggestions? I have an OLD account with an old email that is no longer viable and needs to be updated. I would love the ability to have access to all of those Orbix and Carenado add ons that I had purchased previously. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I have a pretty decent computer and a great graphics card gtx 980. I'm running FSX (nonSE) as well as ASN. All with updated service packs. When I load ASN, it patiently awaits for me to start FSX. I start FSX, I can hear FSX, and ASN stated FSX is connected BUT I cannot see FSX on the monitor. What I do see is FSX in the Task Bar. I click on the FSX icon in the Task Bar but it does not open FSX to the monitor. Running Window 8.1. Appreciate any help. Thank you.
  9. SailorDoc

    Pmdg 737ngx tutorial

    Needing some help. I'm trying to work my way through the 737ngx tutorial. Running FSX and FSUIPC. I think I have everything up and running correctly, though being new to all this, maybe not. Anyway while heading down the runway almost at rotation speed, suddenly the speed brake kicks in and everything starts to slow down quickly. Don't understand why this is occurring. Will someone help me out? Thanks