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  1. thank you for the replies. So I am currently running FSX and desktop on the rec. setting per Win10 3840x2160. Thanks again for your assistance. "FLY NAVY"
  2. Hello, don't know what forum this goes in but Im sure someone will let me know. Here is my situation. I just purchased a BenQ EW3270U 4K monitor. This thing is a BEAST. It's at least 2.75 larger than my previous monitor. Actually it's a bit of an overkill to be honest. Im running a WIn10 machine with FSX (boxed) all updates, 32Gig RAM, with a Nvidia GTX 980 GPU. Win10 rec. a native resolution of 3840x2160 running this monitor. Should I run FSX at the same resolution or something lower? I am probably running the limits to the extreme on the GTX 980. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Can someone please give some direction as to setting up a simple flight plan using the G1000. Running FSX (boxed) on a Win10 machine. I have read through the C172SP manual regarding flight plan. Its simply not working. They say you can use your own computer keyboard to input data. That does not work for starters. My flight plan is from KTVL (Lake Tahoe) to KMRY (Monterey, Ca.). I select FPL. I click on the inner knob to activate the cursor. I enter KTVL as starting point. When I begin to select other waypoints it jumps from "Destination Waypoint" to "Starting Waypoint". Im able to get 1 or two waypoints in then it kicks me out and tells me to select a "Starting Waypoint" again. Im wondering if I should delete these Carenado AC and reinstall again. Mr. Pieke sent instructions, I followed them to the letter and the G1000 flight planner is not working per any procedure. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciate. Otherwise I'm stuck here Lake Tahoe and it's getting freakin expensive here. Thanks
  4. Thank you Sir. I have watched YouTube after YouTube videos on inputting a flight plan into the C172SP G1000, which I have found to be different that G1000 in a Carenado TBM 850. Which has the keypad and AP keypad for easy data entry, the C172 SP does not have those features. I'll give your reply a "Go". Im open for anything at this point..much appreciated
  5. I am requesting an updated G1000 tutorial either via YouTube or written file regarding the G1000 for the C172SP. I have watched YouTube videos and read tutorials until I'm green. Still having problems inputting a simple flight plan. I own probably 8 Carenado aircraft and I don't think I will purchase another until they can come up with a decent "How To_______" fill in the blank. I must admit I got sucked in by the very nice modeling of their aircraft BUT it's a common gripe, their documentation has a great deal to be desired. I am learning the hard way that a G1000 in a Carenado C172SP is different then a G1000 in a Carenado TBM 850. The C172SP does not have the keypad or AP keypad that the TBM 850 has. Any help regarding a YouTube G1000 tutorial or written tutorial for inputting a simple flight plan into the C172SP will greatly help in keeping my blood pressure within normal limits. Thank you
  6. BTW, I have submitted the above gripe to Carenado. Hopefully they will reply. If they do and have a solution, I will submit their reply to this forum.
  7. I suspect others who own the Carenado C172 SP, would have an answer to the keypad for flight plan data entry and autopilot input. I'm simply asking is there a pop up keypad for G1000 for flight planning & auto pilot as there is in Carenado's TBM 850? I cannot find a pop up keypad within the C172SP and my computer keyboard does not have any effect for data input. If you use or have used the C172SP and had issues with data input, please reply. It appears this is an issue that has been experienced by others using this aircraft. Any reply and solution would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I see you have the same issue I am currently having. Did you ever find a solution. I have noticed in other Carenado aircraft using the G1000 they have the pop up keypad and AP for data entry. Does not appear that way for the C172 SP. Let me know if you found a solution. Thank you.
  9. Using the above aircraft on a Win10 machine, flying FSX (b0xed) w/all add updates. Trying to program a flight plan using G1000. Is there a keypad OR do you use a computer keyboard for input data? The reason Im asking is, I have hit Shift 1-0 no keypad or AP pop ups. I tried using my computer keyboard for inputs but that does not work. Was trying to program a flight from KTVL (Lake Tahoe) to KMRY (Monterey). I tried using the scroll wheel but it does not pick up the Arrival Airport KMRY. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have noticed on other Carenado aircraft, using the G1000, there is a pop up keypad and Autopilot for easy input. Does not appear that way for the C172SP G1000. Thanks for any help.
  10. Please help..I running FSX (boxed) w/ all updates on a Windows 10 machine. I have been trying to learn how to put a flight plan into this G1000 on the Carenado C172SP. Where is the keypad used to type in the Waypoints, etc? I tried using my computer keyboard but it's not allowing me to type in the information. Is there another way to bring up the G1000 keypad? Thanks for your help.
  11. So Bert this just shows the screenshot. Is there actually a link to download the mod? Thank you
  12. I recently watched a YouTube video from YouTuber FS Mania. He has some wonderful videos and I hope he comes back to post more videos. He mentioned the stock G1000 does not allow for SIDS and STARS but that some guys had got together to modify the G1000 which will allow for SIDS and STARS. Can someone point me in the right direction so I can add this mod to my FSX (boxed) Carenado TBM 850...Thank you
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