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  1. I did as you said and it worked. The -8i and -8F now are installed and working. Thank you very much, Riccardo
  2. Hello. I had a 747-400 queen of the skies II version 3.00.8415 and I bought the 747-8. But it does not install. I have to upgrade. I found in the forum that you have to go to redownload the PMDG 747-400. As I had the original link to download I downloaded it again (next to the installer there was the installer also for the 747-8) but the version is the same 3.00.8415 as the one I already have installed and not the version 3.00.9008. Where do I have to look for the 9008 version ? Thank you Riccardo Papi
  3. Thank you for all the help but I have decided that it is too much trouble to have this plane add-on. I explain; not only I do not have solved the 747V3 problems but I always have problems with the other add on again. So unplug and plug again (more than once) and I cannot stay working on the problems the V3 brings to my computer. So I uninstalled, but till I uninstalled also the liveries (that remain in the FSX) I could sort the problem with the other PMDG products. So my decision is final I will use the OLD 747X. It is a pity but I cannot spend my time always fixing instead of flying, as I said earlier I am an FSX user not a developer. Consideration: I threw away $ 90.00. Problem is that once you have downloaded the product you cannot claim. But you do not know what you have received and wether it gives you problems till you have tested it on your computer with your other add-ons, and at that point is too late. You paid it and you keep it. Some airports developers have a test before you buy policy that I think is the fairest thing for a customer. If it works you gladly pay for it. Otherwise you do not feel bad about the seller. Thank you for your help anyway. Riccardo
  4. Hello downscc. I have the 20 sec initialization and I have FSX Box version. Anyway, I had closed and reopened FSX and computer but I didn't think about unplugging and plugging so I took ALL the cables off and plugged again ALL them in and......... BINGO It works... Thank you, it really solved my problems. Such a studio of me of not thinking of that, but as the old William wrote "all is well what ends well" Now all the old PMDG and Aerosoft airplanes work. I still have some issues with 747-400V3 that I will try to straighten out, but I will test it again and again and I will find the solution (for now after the first flight AP does not hold, ghost plane) Anyway Thank you very very much Riccardo
  5. You see I am not a FSX computer programmer i am basically and FSX user only. I did not even know that there was something called FSUIPC. I went to see what it was on you tube I understand now that it ids the program that controls the settings and tried to open my FSUIPC while I was on the Sim but it would not open, I closed and restarted the computer and FSX but still it wouldn't open. I suppose something has gone wrong with it. But still I do not understand what went wrong. Unless I changed some setting while I was fiddling with V3 FMC. Thanks God the A320 is going, so I can still fly. I suppose I have to install again this FSUIPC, but I am not sure I can program it. Thank you. Riccardo
  6. To avoid to load an antivirus (very heavy for the computer) I only fly without internet connection, I only use the connection only when I download something. So I cannot tell you nothing about that crash. What I am certain is that the defaulted aerosoft airbus work all right while ALL the PMDG do not work properly. They do not recognize the pushback buttons, but they recognize the flaps button, they do not recognize the joystick completely but they recognize the buttons for power and thrust reverse Only thing I can try is to uninstall something (may be the 737NG) and see what happens. If it works I could try then the 777 and later the 747-400V3. What I cannot understand is WHY only the 3 PMDG planes. Could it be something in the FMC where there is FS or PMDG choices ?? Thank you for all the help Riccardo Papi
  7. I downloaded the new PMDG 747-400 V3 (Order # [order # removed]) and installed it. Everything went smooth. To test it I started with the plane lined up on a runway, flap down, full power and take off, it lifted all right, I cleaned up and turned for a go around. Halfway in the turn I had a CRASH ON DESKTOP. I started again and this time from a gate. It would not take my usual pushback button so I fiddled with the FMC, but to no avail. Also it would not recognize the joystick for power and ailerons/elevators anymore. I tried with other planes I have in my FSX; default, aerosoft A320 and PMDG 777, 737 and the 747-400X that I still had installed. Only the default planes would work, both pushback and joystick. (I unistalled the leveld 767 because I got a warning that there was something in conflict and anyway I was not using it anymore). I also, in the meantime unistalled also the new PMDG 747-400V3 because it had all started with it. At this point the defaults and aerosoft A320 are working OK; I mean they recognize the jostick and all the buttons as usual. But all the PMDG planes: 737-747X-777 do not recognize the joystick (throttle, elevators, rudder), the front gear does not turn but it seems that they recognize the buttons. The fact is that this problem concerns ONLY THE PMDG planes) so it must be something affecting the PMSG controls. It’s a mess and I do not know what to do. I would like FIRST to have the old planes working as usual and SECOND to install again the 747-400V3 for which I paid 90 $ and that I want to have. Do you have any idea what happened and how to solve thr problem ? Riccardo Papi
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