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  1. Hi, It is exactly the same phenomenon, it does not come from the OS I use Wndows 7 pro. I guess it comes from the latest version of P3D, because even with old version of the 737 NGX it's the same. On the other hand whereas the native 2D panels at P3d works well.
  2. Hi, With the version of P3D when I want to use the 737NGX 2D panel there are a software crashes. I have reinstalled an old version of P3d ( the 737 NGX 2D panel working well. Someone else has it problem.
  3. Bonjour, I have a problem at each take-off I have the overheating fault of the brakes and the bursting of the tires on the display,of course I do not roll with the brake of park on... I have this problem only with the 777. do you have an idea. Thanks
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    Thank you for the answer I do not remember to have noticed this problem before.
  5. Dquickou


    Same position in Scenery, LFPG (Taxi2Gate) Gate A18,and same configuration P3Dv 3 >30 fps P3dv 4 > 24 fps same problem with two simu for Beacon. My configue µp I7 970 3.20Ghz, Mother bord Saphire Pure Black X58, Memory 12Go DDR3, Graphic cards INNO3D GTX 970 and MSI GTX 660 TI, 5 displays, The system (W7) and the two simulators are each on a separate SSD disk.
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    Bonjour,, If you look the Beacom lamps outside on the cabin at the top and bottom you can see that the flashes are not at a steady pace. You have two or three flashes and nothing for three or four seconds but without regularity. regard Didier Nalbanti
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    Bonjour, Why when beacon is ON it is not flashing permanently... Regard
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