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  1. AlbEagle

    Cessna 172 Step by Step

    Some updates on the Cessna: Video: Cessna 172 Cessna 172 Whiskey Compass Website: AlbEagle
  2. AlbEagle

    Cessna 172 Step by Step

    More pictures with Circuit breakers and Radio Stack , GPS. I will build the buttons and knobs for the radio stack and GPS.
  3. AlbEagle

    Cessna 172 Step by Step

    Thank you MarkDH. I will modify the yoke, i just need more free time Thank you
  4. Hi everyone i wanted to share my work on progress of my Cessna 172 Simulator i'm building. I'm trying to keep it as cheap as possible. Lately i didn't have much time to work on it, but i won't give up . Click on the picture to get to my website. AlbEagle Here is a short video. It is a bit dated but i will try to upload a new one.