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  1. I've tried your preset and it looks really good to me Thank you
  2. Another question...is it necessary to convert every bmp and dds in the texture folder of an aircraft or is it enough to convert the bmp and dds of the cockpit panel and instruments? I'm asking it because some aircrafts have 20 or more file in the texture folder
  3. Ok. I've tried to use ImageTool. I've noticed that,converting manually each bmp file through 'create mipmaps' option of the menu, the file sizes grow from 3073KB to 4097KB and no error is reported when loading the flight. Instead, using the batch file for ImageTool or using DxtMBP, the file sizes decrease and the error windows appear loading the flight. Why?
  4. Thank you for your reply! Of course I've made the backup before proceeding. I've converted the texture folder files of A2A C172. Before starting the flight, every time I load an A2A C172, this error windows appear for every bmp file opf the texture folder: However, if I click on 'Ok', the virtual cockpit loads corectly and the shimmering disappears as expected. Are this error windows normal? Another question...is it possible to create a batch file similar to that one suggested here? http://www.avsim.com/topic/471107-guide-to-mipmapping-and-optimising-textures/ I've created it, but, obviously, it doesn't work with DxtMBP.
  5. @neumanix Just a clarification...do I have to convert both bmp and dds files in the texture folder to a DXT file? And...is it right to convert the file to the DXT type(DXT1,DXT5,ecc...) suggested from DXTbmp.exe?
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