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  1. Outstanding work Knossos! Will try out later today. I'm super happy that you guys kept working on this after 11:30. I'm sure the entire community will participate giving thanks for the energy you guys put into this 🙂
  2. Torbjoern

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    I just suffocated when flying the FF A320 when passing FL140, so a new bleed-logic is probably causing some issues there. Everything started to go dark although the cabin-pressure seemed alright. It sure made the test-flight interesting though 😉
  3. Torbjoern

    FlyJsim 727 V3

    @warbirds Just read in your signature that you worked on the A2A B-17. Outstanding work on that by the way, and thanks for creating on of my favorites! What an aircraft that is, and much more complicated to manage than the 72, so I'm guessing you will have no problem what so ever managing the 72 😉
  4. Torbjoern

    FlyJsim 727 V3

    I understand the question about PMDG as "is this study-level", and the answer is definitely yes 🙂 So PMDG typically produces other types of aircraft with high attention to modern glass-cockpits and modern flight management systems, and therefore are not comparable in that respect, but they do both replicate the real thing in such detail that you can easily pick up any real life manual and replicate instructions in the sim with ease. Lighting in X-plane is based on light-sources defined in the engine itself, and therefore not based on textures. Typically, texture-based lighting would create artifacts as those mentioned, but in X-plane this does generally not occur, except some cases where the developer does a poor job with backlit-illumination etc, but this is not the case for this aircraft and something i seldom see today. Some important points to be made: You can add the default X-plane FMS to get routing-functionality, and it works flawlessly out of the box, but descent/climb-profiles are typically done manually, just as in the real 72 from that era. Frankly, it makes it more demanding (aka. fun) as well. I absolutely adore all PMDG aircraft(!), the feel, sounds, systems, well everything about them. Been a customer since the B1900. The same with FlyJSim. You can say that they are on the top of their game for each platform, but FJS is focused on the classics, and PMDG on the modern aircraft. That being said, the DC-6 is really superb, but not updated to include the latest X-plane 11 features, but if they do, they will easily climb to being one of the best XP11-devs around. This is a hands-on aircraft, but the flight model is something to admire for hours and hours. Especially in bad weather as it will test your abilities for sure 🙂 X-plane reviews just posted an in depth review, and I highly recommend you read it. Includes both pictures and videos. Edit: To add to the stuff about lighting, see attached screenshot. It really shows the effort made by the devs when it comes to that subject.
  5. Torbjoern

    FlyJsim 727 V3

    Well folks, just like the v2, I got the v3, and what a machine this is! FlyJSim, like PMDG, is one of those developers that never disappoint. The workload is quite hefty indeed, but once you master the flight model and its systems, the rewards are plentiful. Be warned, it's a aircraft with "soul" and quite frankly, I believe the designers built in a "I'm going to catch you off guard"-feature during descent, but once you learn all the quirks, well, let's just say it's worth every penny.
  6. Ask and ye shall receive 🙂 So I'm off for until Thursday, but later this week (probably next week), I'll be able to gather some shots that I've put som effort into, and tried out the customization to a greater extent. There are a plethora of options to choose from, so I guess after some tinkering, I'll be able to show off its full potential. This one was taken at PAJN with default "scattered" option selected. June 1 at noon. There are some cloud shadows at the beginning of the runway that makes the shot a bit darker than normal.
  7. Yeah, so far it's I'm really impressed. Looks fantastic, especially the water-stuff and the new clouds. Post processing also helps with the dull "brownish" hue that X-plane has, that might be realistic in some areas, but not in Scandinavia. What really surprised me is that the performance is actually a lot better than the stuff I had in the past (Different LUA-scripts, xEnviro, Skymaxx etc). Some shots I did. Not the best, but gives a small tease of what to expect: