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  1. I know that non OLED/QLED monitors have more or less bleeding which is part depended on their quality. The thing i'm asking is if it's visible during night conditions in flight simming. Even if a monitor has bleeding, in most of the cases it's not visible (for example when browsing, watching a movie, etc). It's only visible when in almost total black conditions. And since night flying is close to that hense the question. OLED/QLED monitors is out of my budget.
  2. I want to upgrade my 22" TN monitor to a 27" IPS and i was wondering, what if a monitor has severe IPS glow (backlight bleeding), would it be visible during night flying? If there's anyone who has a monitor with backlight bleeding it would help if he can share his experience!
  3. I have the following system and planning to buy a new graphics card to make the step from fsx to p3d. I'm between 1050ti and RX 470. intel i5-750 overclocked @ 3.3Ghz Ati 5770 8GB ram I know that rx-470 is generally about 25% faster than the 1050ti and frankly that's the one i'm thinking of buying, but i'm wondering if a nvidia graphics card is a must now days for p3d, if rx-470 will be the same or better for p3d and if there's any feedback about the performance of P3D from users that have recent AMD graphics cards. I'm always noticing people claiming that nvidia is the way to go for p3d, but they provide no justifications apart from the fact the some 3-4 years ago users with ATI were experiencing lower frames rates in clouds. Any help/feedback would be grateful!