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  1. With your point of view I will enjoy FS2Crew in a better and "real" way. "Roger and Out". Stephen
  2. Thanks Stefano again for your explanation. I agree with you in "almost" what you say but Fs2Crew could give the voice to Copilot when he checks several things in the (orange) process. As "Captain" I would like to know what my "Copilot" are doing. Cheers, Stephen
  3. Hi Stefano, My confusion it's given by AS A318/319/320/321 RAAS blocked. As you know, n combination with the CHECKLIST function the “Copilot” works timely aligned with the checklist i.e. performs his duties when the task should be done according to the checklist. This is what I'm looking for PMDG B777 and B737. I'm dreaming? Thanks, Stephen
  4. Hello Support Team, What can I do to get same RAAS effect (co-pilot help) of AS Airbuses with PMDG B777? Thanks in advance, Stephen
  5. Thanks again Bryan for your support (Best support it´s impossible) :rolleyes: I also contacted Pete after my last post to you and I prefered to test first and give you the news now. "Toggle" was the secret in did All it's OK now. Never is late to learn. Cheers, Carlos
  6. No Bryan. Let me ask you this: Was these 3 events in my FS Settings-Controls Menu created by FS2Crew PMDG777? If the answer is yes, I can understand why FSUIPC does not contain these three events on its list. If so, I wish that something could be done to serve people who prefer to use FSUIPC. Thanks, Carlos ("Stephen")
  7. Thanks all for the respective replies. To close this subject, I call attention to what appears in the manual on page 23. I quote: "If the button assignment does not seem to work, try using a different assignment or use the FSUIPC" CONTROL BUTTON WHEN SENT Pushed "option." If this is not possible, this instruction should be corrected. Regards, Stephen
  8. Hi again Bryan, This time I'm looking for FSUIPC buttons assignments for "Main Button", "Secondary Button" and for "Open Main Panel". Using "Control Sent When Button Pushed" I don't find "Alternate Static Source (on/of)", "Propeller Sync (on/of)" and Autofeather (arm/off) on the list. To avoid conflicts with all my controls I must have "FS Settings - Controls" deactivated. Thanks in advance, Stephen
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