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  1. Sorry, meant to say that FPR previously read the Nav data file as a .mdb file but now looks for a .db3 file. Just tried Simbrief and it works great, thanks.
  2. I use PFPX for planning but it is not possible to export plans for use with the Q-400. I have used http://up2sky.dyndns.org/FPRConverter/index.php previously as this exports the plans to a .mdb format that was used with the Q-400 in P3D v3 Unfortunately, the Q-400 in P3Dv4 uses a .db3 format now and this FPRconverter will not export to that type of format. I hope the FPR developer will update his program soon!!
  3. Launch command prompt as administrator. Type after C:\WINDOWS\system32>Date 08/10/2017 then enter You will see the date change instantly on the task bar launch CP Re-type actual date in command prompt and enter launch P3D
  4. 1. Reset system time or date to an earlier time point using Command Prompt. 2. Start CP 3. Reset system time/date to actual 4. Launch P3D Works a treat..!
  5. I have the exact same problem. The txt file opened with the first few 747 updates, the 777-200 and the 737NGX updates. I will download the full installer for the 747 again to see if this clears the issue going forward. Regards Gary Hanson
  6. Hi, I am also experiencing the same issue in P3Dv4. I am going to switch non experimental mode and re-test. Regards Gary
  7. Cheers Kyle, I have not experienced the GPS fault since ;)) Regards Gary Hanson
  8. Hi Kyle, You were spot on with your bet, many thanks I have just followed the FCOM SP.6.1 procedure for powering up the electrical system from a cold and dark state then continued onto NP.21.1 for the pre-flight procedures and I didn't get the GPS Left fault. I am not sure if I have previously tried to align the IRS system (left to Nav, right to Nav, centre to Nav) before setting the standby power to auto?? I also started up the APU before turning on the IRS system to Nav but I don't think that would have a bearing on generating the fault if APU is left off until after alignment (correct me if I'm wrong)?. Cheers Gary Hanson
  9. Update; I do not get the GPS Left fault when loading the Long Load panel state from the FMC, if I load the cold and dark state I have the fault every time. I will try the installer repair option first. Regards Gary Hanson
  10. Hi guy's, Many thanks for your inputs. The GPS Left fault is a steady fault. Whenever I load the aircraft and select via the FMC the cold and dark panel load state I have the issue. I am not using a saved scenario on any of the flights. I will try a Long Load panel state to see if anything changes, failing that I will do a reinstall. Will keep you posted Thanks & Regards Gary Hanson
  11. I keep getting this error message on every flight, no failures or maintenance service are programmed either. Anyone got an ideas how to clear it? Regards Gary
  12. Hi Rob, Following your testing method I have the following results: - PMDG 737NGX, EGCC (UK2000, stand 26). OP=1 FPS=34 (locked at 36), VS= 3,330.200K OP=0 FPS=35 (locked at 36), VS= 3,291.596K Would you class this as a good improvement to keep OP=0 bearing in mind I use PMDG aircraft? Regards Gary
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