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  1. amalric123

    List of bugs

    I never exceed the 101.5% as I don't need to... Always limited by torque or ITT.
  2. amalric123

    List of bugs

    You are right. Gear lights seems to work properly. As for the APP mode of the autopilot, I tried again with the same result: FD goes down to -2000ft/mn and turn around the place. Never saw that...I sent a mail to Carenado a few months ago when the jetprop was not yet finished. As a real world jetprop pilot, I proposed them kind of help regarding systems, avionics and engine behaviour.... They said "why not?" but never went back to me. I'm a bit disapointed by this attitude. I hope they will correct those bugs. I find the plane neaerly unflyable at this stage.
  3. amalric123

    List of bugs

    YES! We are never limited by Ng. We are limited by Torque below 8000-10000ft then ITT is the limit. We rarely look at the Ng. Thank you! I'll give it a try. I would prefer carenado to publish an update :-)
  4. Hello,I am very happy to see the P46T modeled for FSX. Graphic design is nearly perfect, 3D panel is one of the best I've seen and aerodynamics are quite near the real thing.Congratulations! You guys did a great job.But as a real world Jetprop pilot, I was very disapointed by the systems and the avionics behaviour. They are far far away from the real thing. I prepared a list of most critical items. I'm sure that those problems can be solved easely.-Condition lever: Only ON or OFF. You can't adjust the condition in the real plane.-Prop governor switch not active: when you push it @ 2000rpm, there should be a drop of about 200rpm. Made for propeller governor testing purpose. Spring loaded.-Emergency fuel valve not working. Should cut fuel flow to the engine.-Thrust reverser lever not animated.-Flaps working with master off.-Manual overide not working.-Cabin depress lever not working. Dump cabin working.-Emergency gear extension not working.-Gear position indicators illuminated with master off.-Ice door swith should be a spring loaded 3 position switch. You need to keep it pressed for 3-5 seconds in either way for the door to operate. Open or close light should appear when the maneuver is complete. When ice door is on, torque decreses about 150 lbs at max power. No EGT change. Ice door light stay off whatever the switch position is. Exactly the same with the oil door switch and indicator.-Sounds of FD switch, gear lever, etc... when master is off.-Ground clearance switch should power the nav1/com1 as well as the audio selector.-Audio box on with master off and ground clearance off.-XPDR1 on with radio master off. No off button on it.-Manual overide light should comme on when pressing it with master on. Spring loaded.-In manual fuel mode, the wing tanks pumps should be earable when switching from off to left/right fuel selector.-Ignition on light should be off when the ignition switch is on and the condition lever is off. It lights only when you advance the condition lever. In auto ignition mode, the ignition light should come on only with power lever below 70/100.-wing fuel pump indicator light should stay off with engine fuel pump 1 or 2 on. This light only come on when fuel is taken from the wing tanks to the header tank. Either in manual fuel mode or auto fuel mode.-Fuel mode switch is a three way switch with off in the middle.-Gen light stays green with gen deconnected.-Starter should stabilize Ng at or above 15/100.-no bus voltage drop with starter on. Should drop 3-4 volts.-Engine can be started with ignition off.-Standy alt amps indicator positive with alt alternator disconected.-Procedure is to recharge the battery 1 and 2 after start up with standy alternator and gen off.. The standby amps indicator should deacrease from about 50 amps to 20 amps and stabilize when switching from each battery with alt alternator on. The master gen cannot recharge the batteries.-Engine can be started with engine fuel pump off.-Stanby alt inhibits the master gen when it is on. Green gen light come on when you shut off the -standy alt with the gen switch on.-SIBAS is the after start checklist: Starter off, Ignition off, Battery on 1, standby alt on, (battery on 2, wait for recharge, batt both, standby alt off, check gen green light on when gen switch on) shadin on tq/egt.-Proppeler heat behavior: on theground, with the prop heat switch on, the prop amps stays at zero. On the ground, when pushing the prop test button on the prop amps indicator, it should rise to the green zone and return to zero when the test switch is realeased. In the air, when prop heat is set to on, the prop amps rises and main amps indicator rises 40 amps.-No correlation beetween electrical consumers and master amp indicator except master avionics.-With prop heat on, the indicator on the warning panel is "select deice". It should be "surface deice" in white.-Surface deice switch should light the surface deice on the main annuciator.-Yaw damper is a three way switch. It shoud be reading off when in auto mode on the ground and on in the air. In on mode, it should always stays on. Off position is in the middle.-Go around button on the power lever missing.-Master fuel pump sound much too high.-Fuel tank selector in off position shut down the engine. It should only select the wing tank to replenish the header tank in auto or manual fuel mode.-Standy altimeter should be setable below 0ft.-Vs selection on G500 limited to 2000 ft/min.-power should be limited by egt at about 10000ft.-Green gear lights stays on when gear is up.-Fuel flow should read around 20lbs/h at idle on the ground.-Egt temperatures are way too low.-App mode not working correctly with ILS.-Taxi lights switch is a three way with off in the middle.I've not been to much into avionics as I don't have the realityXP package. I'll soon buy it, try and let you know.Wish you all the best and thanks again for this great product!Amalric Decotte