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  1. A small correction, it should be "Ground Normal" not "Ground Detail"
  2. Just a quick update, but if you have P3D4 Hotfix 1 you no longer need this inverted waves fix, as the hotfix has fixed the issue.
  3. Missing terminal buildings is a known bug in ES Alderney. The fix can be found here.
  4. I have IOM, IOS and Alderney working perfectly in P3D4 so far (Guernsey is in the mail). The only issue is that in Scilly, the greenhouses are rotated 90 degrees to their footprint on the photoscenery. I can live with that for now. To fix the vertical waves and water splash effects issue, open the relevant fx files in Notepad and search for the line "Ground Detail=1" and add the line "Ground Decal=1" immediately below it if it is absent. You can use a utility such as Agent Ransack to quickly search all your fx files for "Ground Detail" and then open those files and check them, quite likely you have other legacy addons that may also have the vertical wave or vertical wake bug. I use the add-ons.xml method for the SimObjects, Effects, Sounds, Textures and "Scenery\Global\Textures" folders, but I use the scenery.cfg method to add the ES "Scenery\World" folder and the rest of the airports, object libraries, and scenery folders. Regarding custom autogen, like dabba says, the most robust method is to use a single merged autogen folder, not separate autogen folders. I found through extensive testing that having more than about 3 separate autogen folders added using the add-on.xml method will cause conflicts and the P3D won't be able to cope. I have one merged autogen folder for all my addons, added via add-on.xml. I did not rename it by adding "_Legacy" like dabba suggested, and it works 100%. Here is a brief ES DVD installation guide for P3D4. Adapt as necessary for other sims. 1) put a copy of scenery.cfg into your root Prepar3d v4 folder. The installer looks in there for the file and might choke if it is missing. 2) download and install the latest version v2.5 of ESI from here. Do not install the one on the DVD it will be out of date. 3) unplug your network cable. You want to run the installer in offline mode. 4) run ESI as Administrator and choose your sim version. If you use any version of P3D then choose P3D2 (the last version that was supported before ES folded). If the program falls over at this point, simply browse to the "Earth Simulations\ESI Install" folder and run the P3D version directly from the exe in there, it should work. 5) in ESI, click on the Settings tab. Find the entry for the path to your sim and make sure it is correct (it's probably pointing at P3D2, so manually change it to the correct path for P3D4). Then click save. 6) in the serial number entry, click ADD and manually add the serial number for your DVD. I think it is case sensitive, and make sure to use zeros and not the letter O. Click save again. 7) in the entry for the path to the ESI packs, add a new entry and point it to the FILES folder on your DVD that contains the "*.esi" files. Save again. 8) now browse to the ESI Packs tab and you should see your product, unlocked and with an option to "mark for install" available. Click "mark for install". It might seem that nothing happened other than switching you to a blank web page. 9) Look in the Library tab and you should now see your product is listed there ready to install. Click Install and the installation should begin. Sit back and wait. In my case (I was installing Scilly Isles), only the "Scilly Isles" folders were installed but not all the libraries and custom autogen. I think maybe that was because I already had IOM installed, which uses newer libraries. If you are unsure if the libraries were installed correctly, simply click "repair" on your scenery and it will install the libraries and autogen again. 10) Copy the scenery.cfg file from the root P3D4 folder back to its proper location in your ProgramData folder, then reorder the ES entries as necessary using your favorite scenery library tool. When I did my installation, I actually ran the ESI installer in a sandbox so I could completely isolate all the ES files and set them up using the add-ons.xml method. You could also try installing into a dummy P3D folder, but I didn't try to see if it works. These latter methods are advanced and 'm not going to describe how to do it this way. Cheers.
  5. It was visually obvious, default ground textures popping up and disappearing as I flew over the scenery.
  6. Hi Oliver, That was fast :) P4AO v1.13 works, the DLLType string is suppressed when the type isn't specified, and the sim no longer crashes (and ObjectFlow 2 is working). Cheers.
  7. Hi Oliver, I've found the root cause. I took the original CP-1252 add-on.xml and retested it. It worked as expected. Then I used a hex editor (UltraEdit) to load the file and save it as utf-8. It still worked, even without specifying the DLLType. Then I used Addon Organizer to recreate the add-on.xml with exactly the same parameters. It crashed the sim. The only difference was that Addon Organizer added this line to the file: <DLLType /> When I deleted this line, the sim stopped crashing! I guess P3D cannot parse that statement. That explains why I was able do get the file to work using Addon Organizer by specifying an actual DLL type - it was able to parse "<DLLType>PDK</DLLType>" because it doesn't terminate with a "/>". Cheers
  8. JJJackson, it is not very productive to report an issue but then neglect to cooperate with the developer to troubleshoot the problem! I've been using Addon Organizer for months and have had no serious issues that could not be resolved. The developer has been constantly working to improve the program and listen to feedback from its users.
  9. I had read the SDK, but oddly, the DLL still worked correctly without specifying the DLLType parameter if the file was encoded in Windows-1252. Maybe it is a quirk of P3D. At least I know how to deal with it now. I've also updated Addon Organizer to 1.12, thanks. Your tool keeps getting better and better. Cheers.
  10. I've just spent a few hours troubleshooting a CTD issue which I have traced to the structure of utf-8 encoded add-on.xml compared to Windows-1252 encoding. I have been participating in the beta testing of ORBX's new ObjectFlow 2 DLL. The original add-on.xml supplied by ORBX works perfectly, and is as follows: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>Orbx ObjectFlow 2</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>Allows Orbx scenery to display dynamic content.</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>DLL</Category> <Path>C:\Users\Steve\AppData\Local\Orbx\FTXCentral\v3.2.2.5\Orbx_ObjectFlow_x64.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document> Now, I used Addon Organizer v1.09 to re-create the add-on.xml file, and this was the result: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>Orbx ObjectFlow 2</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>Allows Orbx scenery to display dynamic content.</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>DLL</Category> <Path>C:\Users\Steve\AppData\Local\Orbx\FTXCentral\v3.2.2.5\Orbx_ObjectFlow_x64.dll</Path> <DLLStartName>module_init</DLLStartName> <DLLStopName>module_deinit</DLLStopName> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document> The above caused P3D to CTD reproducibly during the splash screen, while the DLL was loading, before the scenery catalogue was indexed. After a lot of testing, I solved the problem by adding this additional line to the file: <DLLType>PDK</DLLType> It's odd that this line only seems necessary when the file is utf-8 encoded. Anyway, I thought I should report it. I don't think it's a bug in Addon Organizer, maybe it's a P3D issue or DLL issue. I have other DLLS that load fine using a utf-8 encoded add-on.xml, but those DLLs don't require the DLLStartName or DLLStopName parameters (e.g. FSDT Addon Manager, bglmanx.dll). Cheers
  11. After experimenting for a couple of months with isolating ORBX from P3D v4 using a combination of Sandboxie and add-ons.xml, I have been able to isolate all folders EXCEPT scenery\world\texture. While isolating this folder seems to MOSTLY work fine, I found that I experienced texture conflicts between ORBX and default landclass textures in certain locations. The solution was to make a backup copy of the default scenery\world\texture folder and then copy over all the ORBX textures into the P3D main folder. Therefore I do not recommend isolating the ORBX scenery\world\textures files, but isolating all the other ORBX files and folders seems to work fine. With the beta version of FTX Central and the release of the beta ObjectFlow 2, I have also found it necessary to create a soft symbolic ORBX link in the root P3D folder pointing to the sandboxed ORBX folder, otherwise FTC Central won't be able to find the config xml file needed by ObjectFlow 2. Similarly, I had to make a symbolic link to my OzX folder (which I had installed outside of the main P3D folder) because some of the ORBX installers for Australian airports use a script to disable the equivalent OzX airport if it is present, but it assumes the folder is installed into the root P3D folder.
  12. Already answered you by PM. There's a bit of a learning curve to using sandboxie, which I didn't want to explain in detail. But, yes, when you run FTX Central in a sandbox, it will copy terrain.cfg from the ProgramData folder into the sandbox, then add the ORBX entries to it. After that, just manually copy the file from the sandbox to your ProgramData folder and delete the terrain.cfg from the sandbox. Similarly, with scenery.cfg, but you must first do a "search and replace" in the file using notepad to replace the relative ORBX folder paths with your ORBX sandbox folder path. Edit: I can't comment on the error you mentioned, that doesn't happen for me. It might be something in the sandboxie settings that needs changing.
  13. Both. So what I'm doing is creating a separate "combined" folder just for the effects files from certain developers (eg. a folder dedicated to Aerosoft effects files, another just for FSAddon sceneries or whatever), while still keeping the addons in separate folders.
  14. Just a heads up, but after a lot of testing it seems that there is a limit to the number of external Effects folders that P3D can handle, it's about 55. Beyond this, the effects (eg. lighting and waves) start using random texture files instead of using the correct ones assigned by the fx file. It looks like I will have to start consolidating some of my Effects folders to keep the number of folders below this limit.
  15. FYI. Re: PrecipitFX issue: it does not search "Documents\Prepared3D v4 Add-ons" folder for aircraft in P3D v4 OldProp Support <support@oldprop.com> Thu 15/06, 11:45 AMYou Hi Steve, Yes we are working to update PrecipitFX that will do that and much more improvement. Regards, Michaël Villeneuve-Normand Co-Founder, OldProp Solutions inc.
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