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  1. Yes I agree, I feel that I would rather go the whole way, looking across and seeing the 1st officer side missing doesn't go down to well with me. I'm probably looking at a five year project as well. I have looked at many different builders of flight simulators and find for professionalism the Flight Deck Solutions is the best. what are your thoughts on this. Richard
  2. Hi everyone, Yes I'm visiting Los Angeles, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy between the 24th June till the 5th August. I'm very keen on building a flight Sim at home. Currently looking at Jet Max and was wondering weather anyone out there is building one as well as I would love to see. Please reply to this forum. Even if you have a simulator that you have built is similar I would be interested in seeing. Richard New Zealand
  3. Define small hehe... Maybe the Wilco E-Jets?? Not sure never used them.... The Wilco Jets look great, but I have a 64bit system running on XP. The specs are as follows for the E Jets. What I want to know is before I make a purchase is weather it would work on my system. Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Windows XP/Vista) / Flight Simulator 2004 (Windows XP) Windows XP/Vista 32 bits Microsoft FSX Service Packs 1 & 2 (or Acceleration Pack) Pentium IV - 1.4 GHz 256MB RAM 64/128Mb Graphics 1Gb disk space. Look forward to a reply. Richard
  4. Thanks all to your feedback, I appreciate it. Chhers Richard
  5. Hi all, I'm currently looking for a good small jet to fly that has good FPS and has a fully working flight management system that can be updated using navigrapgh. Something like a Learjet or similar. Are there any aircraft out there that you are currently using and find that works really well, I would like to hear from you. I have already got Ifly and PDMG 737 but find it very slow on FPS and need something a little small to fly the shorter sectors eg New Zealand to Australia (3hr). Current system that I'm running until I get it updated is: Itel ® core ™ DUO CPU E8200 @2.7 GHZ 6Mb of RAM Look forward to your replies. Richard New Zealand
  6. Hi All,I have just purchased two new flat screens and wish to add them to my existing system.I have FSX and do alot of flying on line.I have two Nividea Ge Force 8800Gt cards.I want to set them up so that I have three separate views, that being out the front of the cockpit and the other two being the left and right cockpit windows.Am I able to do this and how.What do i need to do or purchase and is there any where I can get directions to set it up.Look forward to your repliesThanksRichardNew Zealand
  7. Not sure how to add name. F1 and F2 are programmed under Options in Flight Simulator but no they won't work when pushed. Richard Jellyman
  8. I'm currently flying the 747 400 PDMG using FSUIPC and saitek controls. The only problem I ahve is I can't get to the Reverse thrusts to work on landing. Can someone help me with the programming of FSUIPC so I can get them to work sucessfully. Many ThanksRichard
  9. No I don't use F1 or F2 I simply bring all 4 trottles back down as far as they go into the red area. I'm currently using Saitek Pro flight Throttles.
  10. Can someone place go through with me the settings I need to get the reverse thrusts working on my PDMG 747. I'm currently using FSUIPC. Everything else I've managed to get working fine except the reverse thrusts. Can anyone help me with the setting up of these. It would be very much appreciated. Many thanks Richard
  11. I 'm having the same problems that i experienced with the 767 with regards to high TAT readings. To fix the problem i had then i needed to tur off the weather settings in Vatsim and this fixed the problems. I have tried all senarios in the 747 but are unable to get above 25,000ft. It appears the higher i go the higher the TAT rises. I'm using ASX along with its associated graphics with FSX. Is anyone able to guide me in the right direstion as to be able to fix the problem.
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