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  1. hi byork, thank you for the quick reply, I have emailed to the admin address as requested feel quite a plumb now if I ordered the wrong one
  2. am I doing something fundamentally wrong??? basically when I install FS2Crew 2010: 737 PIC Voice Commander Ed. for my Wilco 737 PIC Deluxe edition which I think is evo firstly the FS2Crew panels go into a feelThere pic 737-300 instead of the feelThere pic 737-300 v2 folder, which in its own right isn't a big issue, copy and paste the panel into the correct folder and all should be dandy?? however when I load up the aircraft firstly I am unable to move any switches in the flight deck and the 2d cockpit is completely inaccessible?? confused.com
  3. I have tried all of the Evo Wilco buses and am getting the same in all of them (some are acrew1c.gau) if I try to access FS2Crew from the Virtual Cockpit when the aircraft loads. if I switch to the 2d cockpit first and then revert to the Virtual Cockpit it seems to work?? FSX SP2 Wilco Airbus Evolution FS2Crew Airbus Evolution upgrade any info would be great
  4. you mean search the internet for corrupt textures or is there a program that will find them for me?
  5. right, i had a lil fiddle earlier and disabled all of my ai (world of ai) and flew London City - Paris CDG, CDG - Heathrow, Heathrow - Manchester and Not one single CTD, can the AI be the cause or is it just luck? If it is the AI does anyone know a good AI program for fs9?
  6. what is enb??? the only aes i use it the ones that come free with the scenery i have. i have not applied a 3gb patch at all
  7. silly question but i have ultimate terrain (EU,US & Canada) and FS Global, with these do i have to turn off fs9's default area scenery? could this be the cause of my annoying ctd's??many thanks
  8. was struggling with a way of describing the noise when the engine lights off but yeah the PW and RR sound packs are ok just the GE definitally has a different tone to it during operation. if its can't be changed then no sweat
  9. so i am good to delete the .bgl from the scenery folder however not actually delete the aircraft from the aircraft folder?many thanks for the help guys
  10. is there a way to change my engine sppol up time in the pmdg 747 as i have downloaded some new sound files which i feel are an improvement, however with the CF6 i have noticed that ignition occurs on the model before it occurs on the sound, therefore you do not get the familiar 'boom' in the sound as light up occurs.if anyone could help i would be most appreicative
  11. has someone got the co-ordinates and a means of sorting out my wing scan lights? i seem to get a second set of nav lights, just outboard of the outboard landing lights with the shockwave addon. i would like to get the runway turn-off lights to work too. finally (lol) for the nav and strobe lights to return to the pmdg ones so they retain wingflex, do i just remove the strobe and nav entries?
  12. i'm looking for a photoreal or good quality disney scenery for fs9 if anyone knows of one?
  13. lol mine does this all year round, i do not use the no-cd crack either
  14. just as an update, managed to carry out a landing at EGKK on the same route as previous, same a/c and everything, went to do an instant replay, and then the fault popped up????? ai and all that arent even on the replays, so now i am more confused
  15. just added in my specs as ya wrote lol
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