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  1. LuxAero is a Virtual Airline based at Luxembourg Airport, flying the routes and aircraft of LuxAir [ http://luxaero.eu
  2. US News Due to current economic interests in the US market, Liberty Air has deemed it necessary to reduce the number of US based hubs from 5 to 3. KJFK, KORD and KPDX will remain active as Liberty Air US based hubs. Liberty Air will close KMIA and KLAX within the next 72 hours. Pilots from KMIA and KLAX will be transferred to KORD immediately upon closure of their respective hub. UK News After ongoing talks with London Gatwick regarding landing Prices, Fuel costs etc it is with deep regret that all our operations at Gatwick have now been transfered to EGSS London Stansted. This will be our New Hub for the South East of the UK, all Pilots based at Gatwick have been transfered to Stansted. It's also looking like our London Heathrow operations will also be transferred to Stansted in the near future. http://libertyairva.com
  3. LibertyAir and ShoreAir have became the Launch Airlines for Union Alliance. We are looking for like minded VA's to join our Alliance, to build a great community and help each other. We have a Forum where you can ask for help, post screenshots and will have your own board to post information about your va. unionalliance.esy.es
  4. COMING SOON! Union Alliance's target is to build a nice community where the worlds leading VA`s can come together, support each other and of course enjoy our hobby. While Union alliance can be seen as community the member airlines all operate completely independent from each other. At Union alliance we all work hard as a team to make flight simming more enjoyable for our pilots and have fun while improving our VA`s to the highest standards. There are several things where it can be great to have strong partners at your side when it comes to run a successful VA. The following list is just a quick preview of the benefits of joining Union Alliance: Getting help with livery painting! Getting help with modifying or adding new unique features to your website! A wider range of routes and aircraft types for your pilots by Codeshare agreements with other VA`s! Sharing your hobby with other fellow flightsimmers and Virtual Airline CEO`s! Advertise your VA on our website, Facebook & Twitter! Union Alliance....We Deliver...GUARANTEED! https://www.facebook.com/unionalliancevirtual/ Email: unionalliancevirtual@gmail.com
  5. I'm Looking for some to paint PMDG -800 in my VA's Livery. Email: libertyairva@gmail.com http://www.libertyairva.com
  6. Liberty Air has revealed a Major expansion plan for the Airline. US Liberty Air determined that the lack of revenue from there KSFO hub would most likely result in termination of their presence in California. However, the decision was made to relocate the hub to KLAX with the hope that the larger population base in the greater Los Angeles basin and Southern California would satisfy the requirements to keep service in California on-going. They currently have flights to KDEN, KDFW, KJFK, KLAS, KMIA, KORD, KPDX, KPHX, KSEA, PHNL, and MMMX Using Boeing 737-800 & -900's with more aircraft and routes to be added. Europe The Board of Directors are currently negotiating opening a new European Hub at either EHAM Amsterdam or EDDF Frankfurt which will serve more European destinations from their inbound flights. Aircraft Orders An order has been placed with Boeing for 4 737-800SF to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2017, these aircraft will carry out cargo flights from EGLL (subject to change). A provisional order has also been placed for 2 787-900’s to be based at KLAX. http://libertyairva.com
  7. LibertyAir Virtual now accepts pilots who use Xplane. All our aircraft have now been painted for use with XPlane and are available for download from our Fleet page. http://libertyairva.com
  8. Looking for someone to paint a pmdg737 for my Virtual Airline. This is the Livery:
  9. looking for someone to paint the pmdg 737 for my VA. pm me.
  10. Looking for someone to paint the 737 pmdg for FSX for my va.
  11. could someone please do a-800 Britannia Airlines?
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