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  1. Totally agree with stans. Almost impossible having ‘exact’ gates but having the proper group’s of gates assigned to specific airlines is much more realistic. Being able to assign gates is part of the hobbie for some! Matt
  2. Agree, it adds to the immersion for sure! Keeping track of realistic airline gates is tough since airlines change gates a lot. Most important is having realistic airlines at airports they actually serve. Seeing SWA in Australia bugs me LOL. But that's why I prefer bizz jets. Matthew
  3. Oh, the Gulfstream would be awesome! "They" over at X-plane Forums seem to think that this Falcon 8X has 'no chance' of being ported to MSFS 2020. But they also seemed angry that I asked. LOL. I'm sure Aero Bask would want to sale as many of these planes as possible therefore cater to other sims. Matthew
  4. Now I am. THANKS Dave. I would hope it’s something they can create for MSFS 2020. matthew
  5. Yess, let it be done!! LOL. In all seriousness it would be GREAT to have a long range, newer, larger, bizz jet. And yes, the Citation looks good!! Matthew
  6. I LOVE the biz jets and would be extremely HAPPY if Asobo created a detailed long range medium to large size biz jet. I'm sure there will be pay-ware models that will be created for FS 2020. Matthew
  7. Asobo One "THING" I REALLY, REALLY want is a very realistic long range medium to large Biz Jet. I have been 'playing' MSFS since Flight Sim 98 and I have liked the Lear 45 but MUCH PREFER a long range medium to large very detailed business jet. I think a detailed Falcon 8X would be AWESOME!!! Matthew
  8. I agree Scotttoest. It would be a WAIST of development resources. I would MUCH rather have those resources go to eye candy, AI, anything.
  9. Hello Thank God there is a Forum for this airplane. I too just purchased the Falcon 7x for FSX version 1.0b. I'm having a peculiar problem that may not have anything to do with the plane itself. PROBLEM: I start FSX and choose the Falcon 7x but the regular 2 dimensional left seat cockpit view does not work. I can snap to the right, behind me, to the left but looking straight into the panel I find myself looking at the ground of the airport. I've tried all sorts of things trying to remedy this including panning through all of the view sequences. My other aircraft don't have this problem. Any suggestions? Thanks. Matthew
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