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  1. dennisshepp

    Multiple Instances of P2ATC Error

    Dave - Thank you - it took a few reboots to clear this, now it is running normal. MANY thanks. Dennis 😉
  2. dennisshepp

    Multiple Instances of P2ATC Error

    Thanks Dave for the quick response - I may have clicked too fast alright - happened in the past, but always remedied by going into task manager and ending the process. I see now that 2-copies of P2ATC are "Suspended" in the details area of Task Manager - I cannot seem to end them, access not allowed. Dennis
  3. Following updating to the most recent version (setupP2A_2505_x64_R3_with_NavDataPro_1706) for X-Plane 11 I've been unable to start the program. I keep getting the following error: "Multiple Instances of Pilot2ATC Error - Another instance of Pilot2ATC already running. Shut it down before attempting to open a new instance." No evidence of another P2ATC running in Task Manager (Win 10). Uninstalled, reboot, reinstalled reboot, keep getting same error. HELP please - BTW - GREAT program!
  4. dennisshepp

    Application freezing

    Gentlemen - Fixed, my problem apparently was the 5th Windows voice. BTW - when checking my event viewer, the only indication was an "error" and Pilot2atc closing. No other record. Pilot2atc seems to be working well, no delays or shutters. Thank you for the advice - it worked!
  5. In the past couple weeks I had an automated Win10 update which messed up many of my X-Plane multi display settings (I have 3-1080 displays) which were working well prior to the update. I had to redo all by settings in X-plane. I also noticed the transponder knob for the FlyjSim Q-400 does not respond on mouseover I get the indication it should work, it turns but when selecting the Transponder Lsk the numbers do not change. It will change from "Off" to "Stndby" and "Active". I turn the knob in all directions - no change from "0000". The Lsk button works and so does ID button. I have also attempted to try the fmc Rad/Nav and cannot change the transponder there either. I have not experienced any other issues with the Q-400 since the update. I also have Pilot2atc running - Transponder never did interact nor does it now - same with my Saitek Radio stack, never did interact - BUT I could set the transponder in the past.
  6. dennisshepp

    Application freezing

    Me too - I downloaded the latest build yesterday and it does the same. I appreciate you share a solution at your earliest! Let me know if you need anything further from me.