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  1. OMG! Badderjet I cant believe what I see. That's truly amazing!
  2. Thanks a lot! I will correct the blurred red fileds on the tail now and then the work on the fuselage starts.
  3. Didn't know that, will change that. Thanks for your answer!
  4. @ badderjet: How are the TUIfly Paints progressing? Can´t wait.
  5. As I said, I don´t want to complain. the paints look great and I´m looking forward to fly them, but the way he tortures us reminds me of pmdg itself :D
  6. Sure. I can´t wait for the Haribo and ICE :) Ok, i understand, take your time. ;)
  7. The way you are publishing your products reminds me of pmdg itself publishing their NGX. I won´t complain, but wouldn´t it make more sense to finish 1 paint before starting another one?
  8. No ;) but of course everyone can fly what he wants ;) I just said I´m more waiting for the ICE and Haribo-Jet. Of course it looks good. Every paint by baderjet looks pretty god on the screens.
  9. The VW Jet doesnt exist any longer. It´s now flying for Jet2 as G-GDFD. It was in April when it was repainted to the Jet2 Livery.
  10. naa I would like to see the Haribo and ICE Livery. I´m not waiting for that one, because it doesn´t exist in real any longer, but it´s a nice paint anyway ;) Well done!
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