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  1. I love this plane as well and the prop animation is a distraction. The constant flickering with low level flying like to see an alternate one
  2. Matt your Outstanding product has been a fixture in my flight siming experience. I will miss it for P3Dv5 Thanks !
  3. The author send out an email before 4.1 was released letting folks know he had an update ready. It's open source and reads most profiles around. Give it a try!
  4. Try this I like it better than PTA and it's open source! https://github.com/LB767/OpenShade/releases
  5. Same here their goes Sunday night Sim time
  6. Hi all I would like to prevent Chaseplane from automaticly removing ExDok 2 from FSX:SE when I start P3D. It changes EXE.xml and camera definitions. I can fix it easy enough but I think its bad form to change the Unused Simulator. Thanks great product. Im running 0.1.627 Alpa with P3D v3.
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