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  1. ……….FSW Default Wet Surface Effects now possible, download link is available here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/k799tp4yd15hwfg/FSW_Wet_Surface_Effects.zip Hope you like it, Regards, Pete Beeby.
  2. ...Tony, Make sure of this - On the Reshade Control Panel, underneath " Home / Settings / Statistics / About " You must make sure, the Path to the ini file is displayed, it should look like this - C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\FSW\FSW1.ini Hope this helps, Regards, Pete. PS, bernd1151 many thanks for your comments.
  3. ..cmpbellsjc ( Moderator ) Sorry and understood . ..Darryl and Tony,many thanks for your comments ( Lets hope FSW is going somewhere now LOL !! ) ..flyforever and jt8d9a - Follow these Guidelines Download the latest version of Reshade found on this link - ( I believe the current version is still v3.0.8 which I am using myself, it has to be this version because it works with DX11 ). https://reshade.me/ When you run the Reshade installer for the first time, navigate to where your FSW exe file ( It resides inside of your main FSW Folder ) is located. Let the Reshade 3.0.8 Installer download the collection of Standard Shader Files from github.com . You should find, that if Reshade is installed correctly within the FSW main folder, when you run FSW, you will now see a banner at the top of the FSW loading screen, saying that Reshade is loading the default Shaders. If you see this, all you now have to do is place my Reshade Preset file ( FSW1.ini ) Into the main FSW folder. The Next time you Start FSW, you should see a difference in its appearance, as Reshade should have loaded the FSW1 preset file of mine. If you press shift F2, you will see the main Reshade Menu come up. This is where further customisation of the preset is made possible, if you so wish. I recommend that you have a back up copy of the preset, just in case. Hope you like it, get back to me if you have any further issues. Kind Regards, Pete Beeby.
  4. .... A few more screenshots, taking into account the latest FSW Update 13. Changes have been made to the PBR based lighting and the TrueSky weather engine. ...whilst the Dovetail development team are progressing really well, It is just my own opinion, but I feel Reshade is still needed to enhance the overall look of the Sim. An updated Reshade Preset is available here to take into account the recent changes made by Dovetail. Just in case you like what you are seeing LOL !! http://www.mediafire.com/file/co11i88ses6dsir/FSW1.ini Regards, Pete Beeby.
  5. FTX Norway late Autumn, featured in FSW with a little help from the latest version of the fabulous Reshade. Here is the link for the Reshade Preset used for the image's above. Please feel free to use the Preset as a starting point to make any adjustments for yourself. http://www.mediafire.com/file/w80k8u1hs8b82ag/FSW1.ini Hope you like it, Pete Beeby.
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