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  1. Can anyone give me a simple yes or no to the question as to can one add or change aircraft in World Traffic? If yes then how do we do it? I would like to change some of the existing aircraft such as the 747-400 to 747-800, TKS in advance.
  2. Hi All: FS2004 will not start up after I hit the shortcut. It worked just fine last night. Any ideas? Thanks...Ed Ryan
  3. Thanks Lan will try and let you know if it does not work. Appreciate it Ed
  4. I downloaded from Sim Market but am unable to read the instructions at the end of the download installer. Can anyone send them to me in Word or Adobe format please? Thanks a lot to all...Ed Ryan laryan45400@q.com
  5. Does anyone know how to get the instructions to open in Adobe or Word..I cannot convert the format from the install program. Thanks to all.
  6. I lost my 737 500/600 and do not have the ability to reload it. I do not have my purchase code either--any suggestions for how I can get the files I need to re-load it?Thanks so much!Ed Ryan
  7. Hi All:Same here--the lights all work for a bit and then they are gone. What is going on please.Ed Ryanlaryan45400@msn.com
  8. Hi All:I purchased the RealityXP radar and used the aircraft cfg checking wx radar and then starting FS9. I get a message that says I have insufficient memory to run FS9. If I uninstall the radar, FS9 runs fine.I haveDell XPS Gen 5 with 2 GM Ram.Any ideas? Any ideas for installing in the Level D 767? Can I pull up the radar as a pop-up while runniing FS9?Thanks in advance all!Ed Ryan
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