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  1. If you just use the ENB bloom there's virtually no impact on frame rates, even on my laptop. There are other effects you can enable in ENB but I've never seen a config file aimed at FSX that enables those effects (dynamic occlusion, shadows, reflections, depth of field etc.) as they were designed to work with another game.I agree with the comments about there being radically different tastes in water. For me, the default water in FSX is just fine and I haven't been able to find any settings with the modded version that I like. So what I plan to do is use the water shader from 1.2 and everything else from the new version (if I could work out which files I need :( )Dave
  2. I couldn't let it lie so I went back to it for a further play :( Firstly, I was able to damp down the overzealous sparkle by changing fSpecularBoost to 1.420, 1.417 and 1.414 for the low, mid and high altitudes. This looked best to me.Secondly, I also noticed the odd blue water colour. I need to check with the old shaders to be sure. No add-ons here, just default textures BTW.Thirdly, I noticed another bug. If you switch to F12 overhead view and zoom out, the further you zoom out the more the earth fogs over. By the time you've zoomed out to space, the earth is a white globe.HTHDave
  3. I had a play also today but wasn't really able to make a significant improvement in the limited time I could spend on it.Kind regardsDave
  4. I'll see what I can do - thanks!CheersDave
  5. This one rang a bell with me, I definately think the reflections are too strong/wrong colour at sunset. The first screenshot is without the mod, the second is with. If this can be fixed via WaterConstants.Xml, what do I need to change? I did a diff on the two files and I couldn't really see anything obvious.Kind regardsDave
  6. Not wishing to reduce *******'s mojo in any way (this is a great mod, keep up the good work) but I'm not quite sold on the new water in 1.3. I tried it, and then backed it straight out.
  7. I just made a quick screenshot for you, please see attached. It's 50% of original size.Kind regardsDave
  8. *******,I tried the latest version and I definately think there is now some performance improvement, though I also think the 10.4 driver update did a lot of good as well.One thing I did notice was those smoke stacks again - this time, the smoke is correctly aligned with the top of the chimney, but in poor visibility the smoke is way too dark and can be seen for miles. The original shaders appear to blend the smoke colour with the fog colour so it appears more gradually.Looking forward to the next version!Kind regardsDave
  9. The v1.1 shaders work nicely now. I didn't really notice any particular performance improvement or IQ change though I'm sorry to say. One bug I did notice was that the smoke stacks are now seperated from their smoke (see heavily reduced screenshot attached).Kind regardsDave
  10. On my desktop (w/ ATI 3870X2) I had trouble running this in DX9 mode - ground and water were no longer textured and all 3D objects were not being drawn. Switching to DX10 Preview helped immensely, but then I lost vsync and ENBseries so I switched back. FWIW I think the clouds and water did look nicer when I had them running.Kind regardsDave
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