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  1. Please forget ! Removing the P3D v. 4.4 client module, then reinstalling it with reactivation solved the problem. Sorry for the trouble.
  2. Hello, I am facing the same problem as Orolamca : Preset P:\PTA\MattDavies_Dec18.ini loaded ERROR: You use unsupported version of Prepar3D! Shaders cache directory found at C:\Users\Rikito\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Shaders\ Prepar3D main configuration file found at C:\Users\Rikito\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.cfg ERROR: Can't locate Prepar3D shaders folder I know that it has been mentioned before, but several different issues having been reported, I have been losing track of the fix which should be applied. Please advise Eric
  3. TangoJuliet


    A late thanks to your reply. Though slowly, I am mastering the GNS. Though, it would be good to have a manual more detailed than the 20 pages one coming with the software. Regarding the database, understood. I still do hope that a reasonable solution will be available in the future... Jeppesen provides update for most flightsim apps. A pity that Garmin does not follow.
  4. TangoJuliet


    Another problem that I am facing ? I can't type in characters. From previous experience, I was remembering it was done through withe mouse scrolling on the right knob, but it does not seem to work and no clues in the too summarized manual coming with the software...
  5. TangoJuliet


    Thanks again for your comments. I purchased and installed the GNS 530. However, I am facing some issues : Though the GNS seems to work fine in P3D, when checking the good working of the trainer lite 3.30 in the Garmin folder, I cannot have it working; it will not turned on. I still had the trainer lite 3.00 from my previous purchase; no problem with this version. Is it normal ? Though I understand and respect the copyright issues with Garmin, can't we get more recent navigation, terrain, etc database than 2009-2010 ? Rgds Eric L.
  6. TangoJuliet


    Thanks. Your comments are convincing and I will proceed with both purchases. My only concerns are the outdated databases. Garmin subscriptions cost a fortune and, though I understand their copyright issues, it is a real pity that they do not propose to flight simmers discounted offers for few months old databases that we could certainly live with. On top, Garmin has not been including since January 2016, airports with runways < 4000 feet; quite annoying for light aircraft VFR navigation. To cope with this issue, I used to have the version 1513 database, still including this small airports, but I stupidly lost it, not backing it up, during a system reinstallation. If anyone could provide it, I would greatly appreciate.
  7. TangoJuliet


    Hello, I am thinking to buy GTN 750 for larger aircrafts and GNS 530 for smaller ones such as C182. Would it make sense ? Could GTN and GNS be crossed ? A2A aircraft configuration shows panel integration for RXP GNS. Does it apply to the latest models v2 ? Thanks Eric
  8. TangoJuliet

    PTA and P3D v4.3

    Ok. Got it. I was too impatient. Thanks
  9. TangoJuliet

    PTA and P3D v4.3

    Hello, I am a duly registered owner of PTA, but can't figure out where I can get the new version for P3D V4.3. No proposal for update when I am opening v26.1. I already installed P3D V4.3; How should I proceed. Thanks Eric