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  1. Thank you all for your responses! Active Sky seems to have won by a land slide.
  2. I currently own REX texture direct and soft clouds, and I am looking for recommendations to replace the default weather generation engine in P3D. Additionally, compatibility with FSX without having to buy separate software would be great, but is not required. Additionally, since I already own REX texture direct, I have no use for any software's texture addons and would prefer a product that doesn't have them so I am not paying for something I already have. What recommendations do you all have?
  3. I am building a new gaming pc that will be used in part for FSX, other steam games / software, and possibly X-Plane or P3D if I decide to switch. I am wondering how to organize the installs of the flight sims, their addons, and the other games onto one or more storage devices. I do not expect to fill more than 1TB of storage over the life of the computer. Should I have one SSD for all flight sims? Should FSX go on a smaller SSD independent of everything else? Should addons be on the same drive as the sim? Can the sims go on the boot drive?
  4. @zmak, @speedyTC, after coming back into the flight sim world after 3 years of being away, I am considering switching to X-Plane or P3D. Could you explain or point me to another resource that explains the relative dependence of these sims on single thread core clock speed vs multiple cores and how well these sims take advantage of graphics cards?
  5. I am building a new gaming pc (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/JGYYQZ), and I am choosing many of the parts based on optimizing performance in FSX with the assumption of simultaneous addon aircraft, scenery, and weather being used. Based on NickN's FSX bible, CPU choice should be the latests and fastest i7 processor if possible. Currently that is the Intel Core i7 8700K or Intel Core i7 8086K. The 8086K is $70 US more, but guarantees an extra 0.3 GHz. I have the budget for either. If I want to maximize the chance that I will have at least 30 fps during final approach and flare in an addon airliner landing at addon scenery in bad weather generated by REX, do you think I will see a noticeable difference between the two processors (more than 5 fps)? Do you think either processor will achieve this goal? Will neither reliably achieve this goal? Any other thoughts?
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