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  1. G'day, I'm curious if you ever managed to find the time to release these? They look really promising and as a painter myself the improved paintkit sounds incredibly helpful!
  2. I’d love to see some Aussie repaints for it. Maybe I’d have a go at them once I get more familiar with the Embraers textures. Carenados tails always leave me frustrated in repainting and getting everything to align Air North has been making good use of them over the years. Another lovely colourful livery out there is for InterCaribbean airways
  3. I get this as well with my many Carenado repaints. I haven’t yet found a solution though I’ve a feeling it’s to do with the specula mapping or such. I’m not too familiar with creating and editing tomato profiles, I usually just slap something together quickly.
  4. There's awkward clickspots under the numbers you have to use in order to change the numbers with a mouse. Sadly they never got around to making the rotary dials actually work.
  5. That actually looks really nice. Makes me wonder if they’d consider the new stol variant of the -42. Those dashes aren’t getting any younger.
  6. G’day all, ive had this aircraft for a while, and with the mod available for it it’s great. I do however find myself wishing I could fly it with a more traditional analogue gauge cockpit as I don’t know many real chieftains having glass beyond maybe a Garmin 430 or so. Is it possible to merge the Carenado Navajo VC with the chieftain? I don’t know what panel differences are between the two but surely it wouldn’t be anything dramatic? I don’t currently own the Navajo so I’d like to know if it’s possible before getting it.
  7. Does the mod support using the rxp gns530? I use the v2 of that in p3d as I love it and would like to get this mod if it supports using that unit.
  8. Hey all, This was my second attempt at making a HD video in flight simulator this time as a short promo for Reach Airways. I experimented a little with EzDok to see what I could achieve. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the final shot took the longest to set up, all four of those jets are different textures (different regos from the fleet) and lined up using FS Recorder, with a fifth aircraft (ultralight) hidden behind the terminal building to serve as my starting point to set up the camera for the shot. Let me know what you think.
  9. G'day all, Reach Airways is currently holding a livery competition for special schemes to be applied to our future fleet including the longhaul division. The winning design(s) as voted will be made by myself into skins usable in flight simulator named after the liveries creator! All resources required will be provided and we accept all entries, even from non-Reach Airways pilots. For more information, see the relevant thread HERE. Also remember to visit our website at http://www.reachva.com
  10. G'day all, This month sees Reach Airways continuing to expand with new pilots and aircraft to our existing destinations. It is currently planned to launch some west coast and central Australian destinations by December pending approval and aircraft availability. Currently the aircraft fleet consists of 4 737s (two each of both -700 and -800 model), an ATR 72-500 for regional operations and an Airbus A320-200 (being used for evaluation flights currently). This month also sees a revised website skin and a new header image. Improvements are continuously being made to the website and forums to improve the user experience. Now is the best time to join us as we settle in for summer. Remember to join our forums as well to join the discussion and have access to many useful tools for FSX. now go out there and enjoy the Australian Skies! Website: http://www.reachva.com
  11. REX Essentials is great, I've found myself marveling at the sunsets and sunrises whilst flying around. The lighting also makes the Reach livery appear golden from certain angles which is giving my ideas for future special liveries... I'll have to add some routes to/from Perth sooner or later, will need to get another aircraft for that probably as I'm not too sure how many routes could be served beyond connections to the East Coast (apart from Skywests network that is). Australia is indeed a large country but there are plenty of places to fly up and down the East coast that are not too long to fly. I also don't like long flights as I find short hops more interesting (and challenging too). At the moment I think the average flight time for most of the flights is 1-1.5 hours though that will/can change once a decision is made for a training/regional turboprop to fly the thin feeder style routes. The limitations in that regard are primarily the availability of detailed models available as freeware and payware where available. the ATR for example would be perfect however there aren't many decent models of it around other than the now aging Flight1 product which is still nice but has some issues in FSX. The hub aspect is understandable as it is often a means of organising pilots by grouping (such as those flying West/East coast flights). The system Reach is currently using only uses the hub feature for organising, your flights do not have to start and/or end at that airport. It's only there to make things easier for us admins. As for the exams, they can be good for testing a pilots knowledge on the type so that they know how to fly it, however the issue is that for many of us (including myself) I don't fly one aircraft type all the time so I don't often learn all the finer points for each aircraft. Reach will not be adopting exams or type rating tests though training will be offered through the forums should you ask about it.
  12. Ah nice. I've only done a limited course on web development for a semester at university which covered basic HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques. I still mostly rely on existing stuff for my designs.
  13. Thanks for the advice on the CSS, I'll have to give that a shot tonight when I get home on the pc.
  14. I have now set up the forums which are available to join from here; http://reachva.com/smf/index.php Currently accounts for the website are not linked with the forums so remember to register on both. Guests are only able to view a limited amount of the forums with the majority of it reserved for members only.
  15. Yeah I've noticed that issue and been trying to correct it. At the moment I'm having to use absolute positioning on the menu bar which causes the issue on other sized monitors. What I need to do is use relative positioning but for some reason when I do that the menu bugs up and it all goes off screen. I'd be more than happy with help setting up the routes. I'm trying to build a database of holiday destinations by which to serve and trying to fit them together into a realistic timetabled schedule but so far I'm not having much luck (using flight aware for flight endurance averages). Also trying to keep aircraft equipment on the routes reasonably flexible (be it -700 which is my favorite to fly or the larger -800). Hard to find this information however as only virgin Australia uses both types and not much info can be found as to where they send what.
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