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  1. Hi Roland - you said.....

    Fixed Repetitive Display of the "User aircraft detected as AI object (SimConnect bug) -- -- AISIDSTAR will NOT process user aircraft (status OK)" message. Now it will only display 3 times...."

    It is indeed "fixed"....for me, anyway.....the message prints to the screen 3 times then stops. Also....No slewing! Excellent!

    Thank you!

    All best,
    Ray L ('Bird)

  2. +100!!   Well said, Will......MCE is the best "addon" (no wait....it's not an ADDON.....) it is one of THE most important SUPPORT software pieces I have for FSX.  It is so well "threaded into" FSX as to seem like it came with the original Flight Sim Software Package!


    Agreed that I would pay a fee for each new plane added - but Gerald - you are more than fair to us, and for that I say - Thank you, Sir.



    Not to "jump" this thread, but I just got my computer back - needed new power supply.  Decided on a Cooler Master.  I really missed my "baby".


    OK - back to flying - can't wait  to try out the Q400 with a CoPilot.



    All best,

    Ray L. (The Ol' Blackbird)

  3. Hi, Guys - Ray L here.


    Well, I think I figured out what was wrong - though I have no idea WHY the following fixed my prob.


    I deleted my FSX.CFG (just on a chance), and guess what?


    I have started 3 flights, and NO SLEWING!!


    I don't know - go figure.


    Will do much more testing, to see if indeed this is fixed for me - just thought I'd pass on this info (are you reading this, Roland? Grin)



    Ok - that's it.


    All best,

    Ray L (Blackbird)

  4. Hi, Guys......The Ol' Blackbird (Ray L) here for a moment.......


    I am still having SLEWING probs with this program - would like to make it work properly - it's a very interesting concept.


    I have reloaded a "clean" backup of FSX (no SDK in it) - this was FSX Deluxe.


    Then, I installed the SDK from the DVD - started FSX - ran it for a minute - shut it down.


    Next, installed SDK - sp1a - started FSX - ran it for a minute - shut it down.


    Next, installed SDK - sp2 - started FSX - ran it for a minute - shut it down.


    Set up AISIDSTAR - ran it - as long as I just use one of the "pre-made" ini files (like NYC Metro) - all is well - no slewing. (Did NOT complete the flight, though - don't know if that is important - like, if I get close enough to NY, will I be "slewed"?


    The minute I add one of my own local airports (like KBOS) in the ini - I do the same start of FSX and my other progs (OpusFSX, ProATC) - I start AISIDSTAR,  get up in the air, then BOOM!  Can't stop it from slewing.


    I'm quite certain I have installed the SDKs properly.


    The versions of Simconnect on my computer (and where located):


    In FSX main directory - v 10.0.61637.0

    in Windows\winsxs - v 10.0.60905.0  -  v 10.0.61242.0  -  v 10.0.61259.0.


    I am fresh out of ideas.  I know I must be doing something wrong.  If anybody sees what, I'd greatly appreciate help.  Roland has been kind enough to try and guide me thru this, but no luck so far - that is, if I want to also use my airports (like KBOS, KMHT, and KPVD) as well as the original ones included with the program.  As long as I only use the original airports (like Metro New York), it's fine.  Is it because those are far away enough so as not to interfere with my plane?  I have not actually flown all the way to one of them yet - maybe I should try that, to see if I eventually end up being thrown in slew mode.


    Hopefully, this all made some sense - sorry if I'm rambling.




    All best,

    Ray L ('Bird)

  5. Good morning, Roland.....Ray L here.....only for a moment, though.


    Thanks for the advice about the SDK installation - that is exactly what I did, and in that order - but, thank you, Sir!!


    Unfortunately, I will be unavailable for a good portion of today.


    When I get back, I will continue my testing of your terrific program.


    Thanks again for your support....it is my considered opinion that all the wonderful ancilliary programs that go along with FS9and FSX are better and more creative than the flight simulator itself.  Yours is certainly gaining momentum to that end, Sir.


    All best,


    Ray L ('Bird)

  6. Well - upon further testing - I am still having Slewing - but apparently only when I tell the program to "monitor"(?) the airport close to me - KMHT - from where I departed.  Odd.  When I don't include my departure airport in the SID/STAR INI file, it seems ok.  I thought I'd be able to follow other planes out of Manchester, NH.  I guess not.


    It is late here, now - so, I'll have to continue my investigation tomorrow.




    Ray L.

  7. OK - Hi, Roland - I'm back - Ray L here.  Sorry for the delay. 


    Installed the SDK  - sorry, didn't realize your program needed that (of course, if I'd more carefully read the FIRST page of these posts :lol: , I'd have saved myself a lot of grief!!


    With the install of the SDK - all seems to be well - No more Slewing!!  I will do a few more flights, just to confirm.  I have absolutely no idea why, when I installed FSX many moons ago, it didn't install the SDK, or maybe I declined this during install - I just don't know.


    Anyway - Roland, thanks so much for your help.  I will continue to "test" AISIDSTAR.


    Good luck on your "Project"!!


    All best,

    Ray L (Blackbird)

  8. Hi - if this is Roland (or even if it's not :lol: )  - thank you for writing back.  I must have just missed reading the above message from you, as I sent the same request to you via email.  Which way would you prefer to communicate?  Either is fine by me.  (Actually, email is a little better - sometimes AVSIM doesn't post my post.  I have to make sure I copy my message to the clipboard - so if AVSIM blows me off, I can just re-log in, and paste my message again.  Kind of a pain.


    You said - "Go to the Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK directory and right click on ConfigSDK.exe, properties, details.  I could NOT find this - My main flight sim directory is called C:\Flight Sim X - but I'm sure that doesn't matter, right?  Anyway - I looked in there and could not find an SDK directory.  The closest thing I could come up with is - in my main FSX directory, a file named MicrosoftFlightSimulator.SimConnect.dll.  It's version number is 10.0.61637.0.  Is this what you mean, Roland?


    Thanks very much for your help!


    I will install the newest version of AISIDSTAR, if that's what you want me to do.


    Ray L.

  9. Okay - Ray L is back.  Problem is still here - my plane (this time, Default C172) gets thrown into SLEW mode almost as soon as I'm airborne.  Only way I can stop it is to stop AISIDSTAR.  Too bad - I hope this can be corrected, otherwise I can't use this program - was really hoping to.  Seems like a really cool idea.


    Anyone (Roland?) with any ideas?




    All best,

    Ray L (Blackbird)

  10. Hi, Guys and Gals!  it's the Ol' Blackbird (Ray L) here for a moment -


    Well, I really like this AISIDSTAR program so far.  One prob, though - for me.....


    Once I'm in the air, and just a couple of miles away from the airport (in this case KMHT to KPVD), my plane is put into SLEW mode, and if I press "Y" to take it out of that mode, in a couple of seconds, it goes back into SLEW mode again and again.  I was flying my Realair Beech Duke B60 (non-turbine).  I got tired of this, brought the AISIDSTAR "window" into focus, and hit the ESCAPE key to terminate AISIDSTAR.  Once I did that, FSX went back to normal flight - no slewing.  BTW - the only 2 airports I have "Active" in the AISIDSTAR.ini  are KMHT and KPVD.


    I am using OpusFSX for weather, Traffic X for my AI traffic, and ProATC for my ATC control.  These all normally work perfectly together. 


    Any ideas why the slewing?  I really like this program - would like to see this anomaly corrected.




    All best,

    Ray L.


    P.S. - I am going to try same flight with the default C172 and see if it gets thrown into slew mode.

  11. Hi - I would like to try out v 1.2 of this interesting program.


    Question - can anyone tell me where I tell AICONV.exe to get the SID and STAR files FROM?  Do I point it to NavDataPro, which is what I'm using for navigation data?  I'm not that savvy, so please if you could make it a concise (and simple?) explanation, I'd appreciate it greatly.


    BTW - I would like to use the Airport KBOS for one - so, if you could make your description specific to that - that would be terrific.  Thank you!!


    Pete, are you around?  :lol:



    Thanks, Guys!



    Ray L (Blackbird)


    P.S. - ok - I think I figured out where to send AIConv to get the SID STAR info it needs - now this begs a different question - do I copy that info to a NEW directory, then let AICONV work from that NEW Directory, or just let AICONV get its info out of the original directory, and let it save the CONVERTED files to a SUB directory off a new directory that I have created?  Did this make sense?

  12. Hi again, Gerald......guess what?  It WORKS!!!!


    Don't know what it is about the Black paint job, but if I try to load that one (even with several of the Original paints present), MCE refuses to work.


    Ok - so after getting it to work with several paints, I decided to try something....I "X"d out the Black paint job, and most of the Original ones, just leaving 1 Original paint job.  You guessed it....It works just fine.



    Long story short, I am very happy with the outcome.


    Thank you (and to your team) very much, for such great product support!!



    All best,

    Ray L (Blackbird)

  13. HI Russ.....Ray L here.  Don't know anything about any "Engine" for ATT voices.  My GUESS is that it might be needed if you were going to use the voices to "read" PDFs, or Word Docs....things of that nature - but that's just a guess on my part - sorry.  I would guess for Cepstral or Ivona, as well.


    Maybe shoot their support people an email.  All I did when I bought my voices was download the voices I wanted, then I installed them - that was it.


    It's possible that their purchase / use stuff has changed.....not sure.



    Good luck!


    All best,

    Ray L (Blackbird)

  14. Good morning, from Beeeeeautiful Southern NH, USA!!!  The Ol' Blackbird is here for a minute - with a question, please and thank you.


    Firstly, I am still a HUGE fan of MCE.  One of the truly ground-breaking programs for FSX, IMO.  Gerald, you are to be applauded for "hanging in there" (even though there were some initial skeptics and critics), and assisting users, and continually updating MCE.  MCE is now a stable, mature, powerful program that greatly enhances FSX.  Ok - enough "mushiness"...... Haa haa!


    My question......I currently use MCE with several of my planes (Heavy Iron, mostly); but I also sometimes use it with GA planes, like my RealAir Duke B60.  it works fine with the Original (normally aspirated) version of the aircraft.  However, I can not make it work with the Turbine version of same.  Have tried a couple of things, but no luck.  Was hoping you (or Will?) might be able to suggest something.


    Thank you very much!


    All best,

    Ray L (Blackbird)


    P.S. - a quick request, if I may - can you interface MCE with the new Majestic Q400?  iI's an amazing aircraft.  Would love it to work with MCE.  Thanks much!

  15. Hi again, Glen......Ray L here.


    Yes, I like the VoxPop voices for the AI Pilots - wish there were more of them.  The VoxPop server is indeed a resource "hog".


    A few of recommendations, if I may......


    1) If you don't need it, shut off MS Speech Recognition - it should be a little grayed out circle with a tiny Microphone image in the middle of it - it should be down on your task bar (IF it's currently running).  If it's not, then nothing to do.


    2)  Check out ProLasso.....a terrific program - but ONLY if you are savvy about setting up and "tweaking" your computer.  This is a very powerful program, that lets you adjust many, many things to do with your CPU, and Windows (CPU Affinity assignment, CPU priority, I/O Priority, Priority Class, and much, much more).   A word of WARNING, however.....it can also make your machine unstable or unusable.  Not for the faint-hearted.  However, if you use its options to "Configure Game and Multimedia Processes", it can give you some control of how things are handled, as well as a very good look at what's going on "under the hood" if Windows.  Worth a look, IMHO.


    3) Finally - check out Game Booster....... I think it's now v 3.4 - maybe later.  It shuts off unnecessary processes in Windows - for me, it makes a huge difference in FSX.



    All best,

    Ray L ('Bird)

  16. Hi Glen..... I would not presume to know what you might think are suitable voice selections for ATC in FSX.  However, I will tell you what I use as my combination of voices.


    For my Co-Pilot (when I use him) - I have ATT Mike.


    For my Controller voices - ATT Crystal, ATT Ray, ATT Rich, Cepstral David, Ivona Joey, and Ivona Salli.


    For my AI Pilots - (all VoxPOP, all with Static Filter) - Female Voice 1, Male Voice 1, Male Voice 2, Male Voice 3 and Male Voice 4.


    Good luck with your choices.


    BTW - I run Windows 7 64 bit, and all my voices work fine.




    All best,

    Ray L. (Blackbird)

  17. Hi, Folks....the O'l Blackbird is here for a second - to respectfully request......


    The new Majestic Q400 - wonderful aircraft - no offense to the folks who really love the new DC-9.  I've flown Epsen's other fine creation - the Super 80, but I have passed on the DC-9.  Seems silly, but I REALLY dislike the Blue interior.....I know - I can BUY another one from The McPhat boys, but I just wish it was part of the original plane.  :rolleyes:


    Anyway - Q400, please!


    Thank you!


    All best,

    Ray L. (Blackbird)

  18. Hi again, Folks......the Ol' Blackbird here for a sec.....well, some more "testing"....."Yes Dear, I'm TESTING - very important work going on here!!"  :lol:


    I will have to recant what I said earlier about setting AF =7;  it proved to be smooth on the ground, but performance in the air was not as good as with AF=14, and I "borrowed" Will Reynold's idea of syncing FSX and the Q400's FDE...even though I use an UNLIMITED setting for FPS in FSX.  (Does not seem to cause any probs here.....will keep an eye on it....)


    For ME - this combo seems the best choice.....just wanted to share info.


    Ok - back to our regularly scheduled inflight movie!



    Ray L (Blackbird)

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