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  1. Hi Will......thanks very much! That's great news! All best, Ray L (Blackbird)
  2. Hi, Folks....the O'l Blackbird is here for a second - to respectfully request...... The new Majestic Q400 - wonderful aircraft - no offense to the folks who really love the new DC-9. I've flown Epsen's other fine creation - the Super 80, but I have passed on the DC-9. Seems silly, but I REALLY dislike the Blue interior.....I know - I can BUY another one from The McPhat boys, but I just wish it was part of the original plane. :rolleyes: Anyway - Q400, please! Thank you! All best, Ray L. (Blackbird)
  3. Good morning, Dan W (and everyone!).......the Ol' Blackbird is here - just for a second. Dan - great tip - thank you! I neve knew we could do that kind of backup. I just back up my whole C: Drive - with Acronis True Image. I have version 11 - it works amazingly well - has never failed me. Been using it now for several years. But - I like the idea of also backing up just the speech training.....so, thanks! Have a great day, everyone! I'm off to a baby shower.....wish I was flying there, but, alas.....I'm driving. All best, Ray Landolt (Blackbird)
  4. MaxConcurrentTasks=6 (and up to 10 - wow!) Very cool!!! How do you come up with this stuff? Thanks, Clive!!! All Best, Ray Landolt (Blackbird) P.S. - Thought I was gonna have time to check out the new F.O. voice - hasn't been possible today......."Life happening!!" Haaa haaa!!! P.S.S. - I sooooo hope MCE will eventually be able to totally interface with both Aerosoft's new version of its Airbus (when it comes out next month), as well as the upcoming PMDG 777. Maybe even FSLabs Airbus - but I think we still have a while to wait on that one. Thanks in advance, FS++!!!!!
  5. Good afternoon, everyone - the Ol' Blackbird has just landed (for only a moment....) Alpha 117, first of all, thanks for all you do to help everyone enjoy this great FSX Add-on. It is truly a wonder, and has changed FSX for me in a very positive way (thanks Folks at MCE!!) Anyway - a point of clarification, if I may......... I don't mean to step on any toes here - just want to make sure everyone understands. When one adds "DickIsHere=1" to the [OPTIONS] section in mce.ini, this action does NOT get rid of Trav - it just silences his voice. "He" is still fully functional. This is what I do, and (for me) it makes the flight more "pleasant". (ie. - I already have RC4 and all of its "chattering" going on, as well as FS Cabin Crew, as well as radio chatter that I have recorded off of Live ATC - I run that kind of in the background, softly..... so the flight deck is very "alive", thank you very much. I just want Trav to do what I say, not tell me that he's doing it. I know, it's just me......a curmudgeonly old man. Ha haa!! Don't get me wrong - FS++ did an AMAZING job with Trav's voice.......and I can't wait to see (read hear) what the upcoming new voices sound like. Ok - enough of my "rambling on and on" and Zzzzzzzzz.......... Have a great day everyone! All best, Ray Landolt (Blackbird)
  6. Wow!!! That is expensive!!! I use the U.S. version..... much less expensive. But I guess if you want to fly in Europe (I see you are from the UK), then it will be more expensive. Yikes! Good luck with your decision making! Best, Ray L (Blackbird)
  7. Hi again, Alpha....... though it's been a while since i've used UT2 (I went back to Traffic X), if I recall correctly, VoxATC worked just fine with UT2. However, you must go into Vox's settings and turn their traffic generator to ZERO, or else you'll have more traffic than you know what to do with!!! Haaa haa!! Vox adds their traffic to whatever other traffic you already have. Personally, I do it the other way around when using Vox. I go into my FSX.cfg and turn the Traffic X traffic to zero, and let Vox generate my traffic - does a great job for me. Good luck!! Best, Ray L. (Blackbird)
  8. Thanks, "Alpha"....... you know, I use both Vox and RC4, and I like both programs very much (btw, I am not a real world pilot) - I would be hard pressed to pick a "winner". The latest version of VoxATC (v 6.6) is outstanding. That being said, I think I have said somewhere else on these Forums that the "Meatwater" pre-recorded AI Pilot voices and chatter in RC4 make that program (overall) just a bit more immersive (again, IMHO). Both programs provide great "bang for the buck", though, and add much value to FSX - just like MCE. If I may add one more tidbit here......(again, something I just discovered)........ when using RC4, I just found out I can tell Trav (or whomever is my F.O.) to "Tune Ground on Com 1", or "Tune Tower on VHF 1", etc., and MCE will dial in the appropriate frequency - I don't have to tell him (or her) the numbers. AMAZING!! Likewise, on the way into an airport, I can ask Trav what the ILS frequency is for a particular runway......he knows!!! Every day I am truly amazed at MCE and what it can do. Thanks...... Best, Ray Landolt (Blackbird) P.S. - thanks to you Alpha, also, for posting the "useful info about MCE". Great stuff!
  9. Good morning, everyone! It's the Ol' Blackbird, from sunny southern NH, USA....... Don't know if this is of any value, per se.......but...... If you own any of the great TTS voices from Ivona or ATT or Cepstral, etc., you can assign the same voice to BOTH MCE and VoxATC. What this does is eliminate that "annoyance" of having 2 different F.O. voices (this just occured to me the other day - DUH!) To me this increases the realism factor (IMHO). That's it!! All best, Ray L. (Blackbird)
  10. +1 on the Airbus X/ and extended, as well as the Carenado C208B. Best, Ray L. (Blackbird)
  11. Hello, from a warm and sunny southern NH, USA. I would personally love to see the Flight1 Cessna Mustang "hooked up" with MCE. A fabulous plane, and would be amazing with MCE!! Thanks! Best, Ray L. (Blackbird)
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