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  1. Hello, love the Addon Organizer, been a user for quite a while. Had some encoding problems and fixed all of them but one. Just installed the latest version for use with P3D v5. I checked encoding, but I keep getting the incorrect character encoding for the c:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D V5\add-ons.cfg. Thing is, I've saved it every which way you can, it won't allow me to save it as ANSI. Suggestions? I don't suppose there's a way to actually say in the pop-up window, which encoding needs to be used?
  2. I know what you mean, it does appear Chinese, I was the same way. Someone just posted with the same observation there not long ago. There's this video on you tube that would help. I'm away from my setup for quite a while, it would be a good place to start for now, IMO. Once you get going, you WILL NOT be able to stop. It's actually a lot of fun.
  3. The one-click installer at AIG is not for FSX, so that won't help you. But, AIG is still your place to go. They have tons of up to date AI packages that can be installed into FSX with the freeware AIFP program. Now, it may sound daunting, but once you get the hang of it, its not at all complicated to add, delete and modify AI so that FSX is up to date. My AI collection contains 1379 separate plans, all of which were hand added to P3d. I modify the plans constantly using AIFP. I did the EXACT same thing when I had FSX installed. No problems at all. Heck, there even some die-hard FS9 users over at AIG and they're still using this method to modify their sim Wouldn't recommend the WoAI stuff as its way too old and inaccurate now. AIG has multiple forums with multiple contributors that keep plans and paints up to date. I mean, if you're going to even think about modifying the old WoAI stuff, you'd be doing the same thing with AIFP anyway, why not use more up to date packages which are added almost daily. Great crowd over at AIG, very helpful (if I do say so myself). Come over, register at the forums and check out tons of great add-on material. It's all free, its kept up to date all the time. The forum community is thriving.
  4. Great stuff, congrats on quite a run. Loved seeing the young girl at center ice with the team during celebrations.
  5. There's an AFCAD with some of the more recent prominent changes. Realize it's not commercial grade, but it's a more accurate layout to reflect the look of the runways, taxiways. Robert Catherall is the author, query the name and KFLL, you'll find it easily. Been using it for a while, no issue
  6. I have the exact same problem and don't have Rex4 texture direct enhanced edition. I do have Skyforce, ACSA, Envtex and Envshade. Betting it's one of those four. I'll do some experimenting and we'll see. JH
  7. Couple of suggestions: 1) Are you sure you're not mixing older FS9 plans with your AI setup? You can check with AIFP. Sometimes older fs9.bgl's will affect traffic at certain airports where certain airlines will show up, others will not. 2) Does the airport you're observing have other runways active that are handling AI traffic. Perhaps you're not seeing traffic if you're focused on only one part of the airport or specific runway. I use Super Traffic Board so it would be easy to track which flights are landing/departing at any given time.
  8. Just flew into and out of Vancouver with the exact same setup. No issues for me with GSX, Vancouver or start-up. Did you try deleting your cfg and letting it build from scratch. Thanks for the heads up but no issue here.
  9. For me, I love the way Vector adds ice and frozen surfaces to lakes and waterbodies during the winter. I can start in Canada in the winter with snow and ice textures, end up someplace warm those textures are gone. UTX is way better for performance, but their scenery seasons don't cut it. I agree Vector is horrible for elevation issues and I don't know if it's vector or global or LC, but there is always a long pause nearing the destination airport after I install Orbx. After anywhere from 5-10 seconds, the pause ends and flying resumes. But the textures with global are super. JH
  10. Lots more to choose from with Simaddons, they have a sale on right now too. I've got most of their sceneries, I'm not unhappy with the product.
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