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  1. Couple of suggestions: 1) Are you sure you're not mixing older FS9 plans with your AI setup? You can check with AIFP. Sometimes older fs9.bgl's will affect traffic at certain airports where certain airlines will show up, others will not. 2) Does the airport you're observing have other runways active that are handling AI traffic. Perhaps you're not seeing traffic if you're focused on only one part of the airport or specific runway. I use Super Traffic Board so it would be easy to track which flights are landing/departing at any given time.
  2. Just flew into and out of Vancouver with the exact same setup. No issues for me with GSX, Vancouver or start-up. Did you try deleting your cfg and letting it build from scratch. Thanks for the heads up but no issue here.
  3. jhaley

    Blueprint KLAX V3 Opinions

  4. jhaley

    Do I Really Need This?

    For me, I love the way Vector adds ice and frozen surfaces to lakes and waterbodies during the winter. I can start in Canada in the winter with snow and ice textures, end up someplace warm those textures are gone. UTX is way better for performance, but their scenery seasons don't cut it. I agree Vector is horrible for elevation issues and I don't know if it's vector or global or LC, but there is always a long pause nearing the destination airport after I install Orbx. After anywhere from 5-10 seconds, the pause ends and flying resumes. But the textures with global are super. JH
  5. jhaley

    Braking sound

    What's breaking?
  6. jhaley

    Canadian Airports

    Lots more to choose from with Simaddons, they have a sale on right now too. I've got most of their sceneries, I'm not unhappy with the product.
  7. jhaley

    Do You think this is Real?

    Total fake
  8. jhaley

    Performed a nature balance.

    Like what I see, but concerned with OOM. You need to dial back some of those settings my friend! Seriously, Matthew is right, we do take things for granted. I fell in love with Sublogic ATP.............man......look how far we've come JH
  9. Any special adjustments as far as Ultimate Terrain lighting is concerned? I'm interested in what I see here, the screenshots look super. But I'm wondering how the product interacts with UTX or what I may have to shut off or adjust to make UTX work with your lighting......thanks JH
  10. jhaley

    Flight Deck Companion for P3D V4.X

    You don't need any hack to use FDC, check out the site and forum, it works fine. I'm still using it, without any issues throughout the various P3D v4's JH
  11. Received my key this afternoon, many thanks! JH
  12. Me too, I have sent e-mails to both locations, the original address and Doug's. No response in four or five days. John
  13. Got it to work from reading some of the posts from the older version. Simplified the network search for the FS machine scenery, by just adding the root folder and ensuring the "\" key was added after the scenery. No more crashes! Appreciate all of the posts here. JH
  14. It may be that the issue is all of the many scenery files that I need to add to the program window so that AI Controller will see the many add on sceneries on my FS machine. I don't remember this problem in the older version and I ran that version on a client machine. But there are only spaces for so many add on sceneries in AI Controller..... JH