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  1. I use chaseplane. I submitted a ticket and here is what Chris answered: "Try to adjust your view point in chase plane. This might be the issue. Also try to use the view we provide to see if you have an issue there." I tried different views but no difference. No matter which angle or which zoom I use, it is the same offset. Perhaps I'm missunderstanding what he meant with "adjust the view point in chaseplane"? I tried starting P3D with chaseplane disabled an used the standard views. It is the same offset even with this views. Waiting now for some further advise. 😉 You have the same results with trying this "solutions" out?
  2. Go in the FMC to Menu - PMDG SETUP - AiRCRAFT - EQUIPMENT and then to page 16. There is the option "EFB INSTALLED". Turn this to YES and here you go. EDIT: not fast enough 😄
  3. Hi guys, I have a strange little problem with the EFB. As in the picture shown (https://www.dropbox.com/s/x7k34y4wolv0g8v/EFB problem.png?dl=0), I can't select the boxes on the EFB when my cursor is over them, but only, with an offset. You can see on the picture where my mouse cursor must be to select the "OAT" box. Is anyone having the same issues? Ideas for a solution? I have the P3D version installed, with antivirus excludes from scanning the installer and also did some reinstalls. I have Windows 10, 64 bit and P3D 4.3. started P3D with the default aircraft selected in the starting screen. Thanks for any help on this issue. If more information on system etc is needed let me know!
  4. Ok, strangely after 4 attempts it is now working. I didn't change anything... :D
  5. My P3D v4 is crashing (CTD) when starting after updating the client. Is anyone else having the same problem? I tried to uninstall and reinstall the client 2 times with the same result (crash).
  6. Why are people bringing up the same questions again and again if the answer is in a sticky topic? (Oh yes and please, this is a rethorical question!) If I'm new to a forum the first thing I do is read the sticky ones, because there might be some useful info in there...
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