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  1. OK done I hope to fix it quickly I don't mean to pay for a new installation thanks
  2. after I've done the MIGRATION on the ORBX page I'm not highlighted the availability of the product but only allows me an installation asking me what to pay what I need to do ????? Thank youI would like to insert a picture but with IMGUR I can't
  3. Basically if I activate the license on other computer The one I'm using is no longer active ?
  4. Wonder if you can install CP with the same license on other computer thanks
  5. I have been updated to version 04,206 beta where I find the news thanks
  6. The manual writes " You can stabilize the camera to the horizon level using the gimbal feature. Stabilization features like the Gimbal are experimental and may be jittery when the aircraft is rotating." Kindly explain to me what it is used ' Possible to have a suggestion I set the key "K" as GIMBAL function but nothing happens thanks Hello Roberto
  7. I do not understand how you enable this feature thanks for help
  8. On different Carenado there are commands " POWER LEVER FRICTION "to what they are used and how to use them thanks
  9. I don't understand how i can adjust the angle of ascent and descent thank you
  10. I want to be critical !!!!!! i think the GTN 750/650 only a graphic trinket whose use is extremely limited suitable only for some aircraft in particular Carenado and i do not understand why Carenado does not provide a self installing file for its products that allows the correct use a strong community like AVSIM should solicit this request against Carenado hello Roberto
  11. ok open ticket today thank you
  12. Hoping for a support from Carenado is almost impossible........ and frankly disappointed with this plane
  13. manterm

    F50 LITE

    sorry i don't understand " LITE version has no cabin " !!!!!!!!! thank you
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