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  1. jgar

    FSX Beechcraft Aircraft Files

    Molleh, BF Bullpup. This is the response I received from APEM Tech Support relative to my query. "The Control Manager is an optional program we offer, and it is not needed in order to use our products. It can also cause issues like the ones you are seeing. In fact, the Control Manager program is most likely the reason for your issues. The Control Manager is also not fully compatible with Windows 10. I would highly recommend rebooting your computer, and uninstalling this optional program." As BF Bullpup states as long as you use the Control Manager for calibration only it works fine with Windows, 32 or 64 bits systems. Have a 64 bits system and the issue is only with the calibration of the throttles levers in the CH Quadrant, all others programmed/assigned buttons/keys/axes in all the controllers in FSX and FS9 respond correctly.
  2. jgar

    FSX Beechcraft Aircraft Files

    Agree with your comment, hope CH get up to speed with the compatibility issue, Sure they are aware that the Sim community is moving forward and staying up to date with the latest MS Windows versions. Otherwise the controllers will be on the Smithsonian soon. Hope that never happens, these controllers are well built and can take a lot of abuse..believe me, after 14 year and especially when trying to calibrate them in FSX. Has been in AVSIM since 2004 and can tell you how your support has been beyond my expectations after so many years of being dormant on this site. Thanks Y'all, Jesse
  3. jgar

    FSX Beechcraft Aircraft Files

    Thanks again for your interest and support in trying to assist me to resolve this issue, Contacted APEM, Inc, www.chproducts,com, and they also advise to remove the Control Manager as it is not Windows 10 compatible. Nonetheless I have used it since 2005, and since upgrading to Windows 10, without any issues until reinstalling FSX in W10. The CH Quadrant controller, and only the throttles levers, has been one of the issue that I had to resolve to get FSX to work at all in W10. Agree with your assumption that the control manager maybe taking precedence over the W10 USB controller utility. Think I have found a workaround without having to remove the CH Control Manager since it has no issue with any other controllers in FSX. What I have done is to calibrate the throttle quadrant while in the FSX settiings. While the calibration instructions given cannot be fully performed, i.e., the levers cannot be "rotated" without damaging them, have done enough calibration to make the throttle levers work a little better, the RPMs do not fluctuate wildly as before. Trying to get ahead of this because I am considering in getting the Prepare3D/V4. Hoping that APEM comes out with an update version of the Control Manager that is W10 compatible since these controllers are very reliable and rugged enough to last me the last 14 years. Appreciate your assistance, Jesse
  4. jgar

    FSX Beechcraft Aircraft Files

    Again thanks for your input. "Calibration via the Windows calibration applet is not supported/". Windows 10 message directs to "calibrate the CH USB Controllers using the the Control Manager calibration facility." This is how always calibrated them. My next step will be to contact costumer support at CH and see if there is a way to test the quadrant. Have been using for a long, long time so it may need replacement although it appears to work fine in FS9 and for the everything else in FSX except the throttle levers. Appreciate your assistance, Jesse
  5. jgar

    FSX Beechcraft Aircraft Files

    Thanks for your suggestion. I set the conditioner levers at low idle after engine start. Anything below that will cut the fuel supply but will give it a try and see. The problem seems to be the throttle levers. At idle the taxi speed is not constant and at "ground fine" there is no taxi speed at all. To get any speed have to go to idle speed which in turn repeats the cycle of over speeding. Will keep trying, just wondering if I am the only one with this issue. Regards, Jesse
  6. jgar

    FSX Beechcraft Aircraft Files

    BF Bullpup...Appreciate your input. Have the CH Control Manager 4.55a but only use it to calibrate the CH products installed -Yoke, pedals, throttle quadrant and F16 joystick.. These CH Products are Plug and Play hardware so no update drivers are required in any version of Windows as I understand it. They have and are performing well in both FS9 and FSX. The only issue in FSX is with calibrating the throttles in the quadrant - only the throttles not the propellers or conditioner levers. Have FSUIPC installed, both versions for FS9 and FSX, but only use it to provide the interfaces of FlightSim Commander with them, do not use it for calibrations. My other questions was about replacing the Beechcraft aircraft file in FSX with the one in FS9. The FS9 Beechcraft BK350 main panel display is more functional and better than FSX, add to that the the Eyepoint move down (shift+backspace) and Eyepoint move up (shift + enter) does not works as well in FSX as in FS9 . Have not had the time to check the rest of the simulation commands to see what is different in FSX from FS9. Again, this maybe a local configuration issue. Will keep trying and appreciate all the help in can get because I want again to be able make FSX functionality to work as it was in Windows 8 and add more aircraft. BTW running FSX in administrator and compatibility mode.
  7. jgar

    FSX Beechcraft Aircraft Files

    Thanks, was wondering if anyone has tried this before. Trying to get FSX to work correctly in Windows 10 and have been using the BK350 as a set up default flight. Everything works fine except that the throttle cannot just be calibrated correctly and taxing is a nightmare. No problems in FS2004 with the BK350 or the CH Products controllers, Yoke, pedals, throttle quadrant and F16 joysitck. . Will look for a BK350 to downloand and see how it goes. Again thanks for your prompt response. My configuration is: W10 Pro, 64 bits, x64 processor, Intel Core i7-7700K Cpu 420GHz, 16GB DDR4, GTX1060 and over 1TB of HD. regards, Jesse
  8. Look time AVSIM, since 08.15.04, first post. It is possible to replace the Beechcraft Aircraft Files, or any other aircraft, in FSX with FS2204 Aircraft files, has anyone tried? Having issues setting with the CH Throttle in the BK350 in FSX, they work fine in FS2004. Appreciate any help. Regards, Jesse
  9. Have perform lots of searches and besides your support have come emptied. FS9 runs very well in Windows 10 Pro once the FS9.1 update and the FS9.1 NoCd is installed. The issue is that once FSUIPC is updated from the version that is installed by FS9.1 update, a Ver 3.72 that is 10 years old, to the latest version 3.9999zb9 exiting FS9 always results in a non-normal termination and the logbook entry option is not avaliable. Other than that, FS9 and FSUIPC appears to be working fine. I will reinstall FS9 and the update to fallback to FSUIPC ver 3.72 and find out the location of those file (FSUIPC .ini, .log and .key) that are showing up in the Documents/Flight Simulator Files. Logically, those files belongs in the FS9/Modules folder. With that version FS9 terminates normally and the logbook option is available. Will also do a compare of the .ini files to find differences, if any. Have registered FSUIPCs, both 3 and 4, and the only interests for this module is for the simconnect file required to connect to the FlightSim Commander and the facility option to map 4 throttles to the CH Throttle Quadrant. Thanks for your interest, will advise of results. Jesse
  10. ubersu, appreciate your suggestion. Finding that Windows 10 loads the FSUIPC,ini file into Documents/Flight Simulations Files and not the FS9/Modules folder. First attempt was to copy the file to the FS9/Modules folder. No help. 2. Renamed the file in the Documents/Flight Simulations Files. No help. 3. Deleted the .ini file in the FS9 Module folder and restarted FS9. The file was rebuilt back in the Documents/Flight Simulator Files folder not the FS9 Modules folder. Which folder is the correct location for the .ini file to work properly, Windows 10 Document/Flight Silulatrions Files or FS9/Modules folder? Next step is to uninstall/reinstall, FS9.1 update to find out where the version 9.7 .ini file that works correctly loads. Appreciate any and all help you can provide. Jesse
  11. OS: Windows 10. fs91upd and fs91 nocd installs works fine unless FSUIPC is updated to latest version 3.9999z9b. fs91update by default installs FSUIPC version 3.72, 02.02.2007 and FS2004 performs fine from start to finish when at exiting the simulation the logbook entry option is given. However, once FSUIPC is updated to the latest version FS2004 does not terminate normally and the logbook entry option does not appears. Is there a fix for this issue or should I revert to FSUIPC version 3.72?
  12. What is the purpose of the pitch control know in the main panel of the Fokker F28/1000. Is a functional know but cannot find in the web or the F28 manual its purpose. Appreciate any help I can get . Please reply to immgar@aol.com