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  1. Interesting twitch with BBox also !
  2. Sorry but it’s marketing bla bla not to say bullshits to convince non educated people that what they have in hands is realistic.There is NO fundamental equations that can be applied to what you describe apart Navier Stokes, and that would mean CFD calculation. Anyone who has experience in this field know how difficult and complex it is to carry out a single calculation in 3d (1000 iterations for a single set of parameters (aoa, mach, density, TAS). I built my conclusions after studying the SDK I had from alpha and from tests and tuning made on several aircrafts (DR400, DA40) I know very well in reality.
  3. If you analyse the new flight_model.cfg you will see it’s a concatenation of the old aircraft.cfg and air table in a txt format. That is to say based on derivatives. I was surprised to see they changed the ground effect by plotting it vs mach which is quite weird... anyway The BIG new stuff Asobo introduced is the discretisation of aircraft surfaces according coarse geometry parameters as described in geometry section. From this geometry they deduce the basic surfaces (wing, tail, fuse...) that they cut in 1000 element surfaces on which they spread the forces computed from old air cfg system. Example : the lift computed from CL and it’s derivatives (CL vs mach, CL vs aoa) is spread on the computed coarse wing surface. The idea I think is to compute the moments of asymmetrical forces on the airplane. Could be interesting but in real life pressure and so forces are not not spread equally on all the surfaces. Take example if the lift. It spreads on the wing differently with AOA, drift angle, mach. The result of this spread evolution is the pitch moment described macroscopically by Cm coefficients. What is funny is despite Asobo computes forces application on 1000 surfaces to get these moments right, they kept Cm coefficients in the new cfg. The risk is the moments get overestimated by addition of Cm and force repartition. I would have loved to see implementation of multi wing, a more evolved drag model including effect of Reynolds, mach and aoa conjugated, effect of slats on CL vs aoa etc...
  4. For development, correct me if I am wrong but TPD must and can play only with tools provided by MS/Asobo for IT security reasons. Would love to see complex systems modeled with dll like on PMDG aircrafts but I think it’s not possible for now.
  5. When the sim will be updated by downloading 79 Gb or so there are chances your modifications will be erased simply unless Asobo take them and integrate them in next release
  6. One must not forget FSX was widy open whereas FS20 is massively closed... A large bunch of defaults errors (navdata, stars, magdec, textures, weather, thermals etc...) could be fixed by talented developers (mostly for free). This will probably not be the case with FS2020 for various reasons: the game is supposed to be played online with frequent updates crashing core files modifications, gamers must have same basis for proper challenges scoring, IT security... So perfection quest of the new simulator relies entirely in Asobo hands. Let’s hope they will take the time to improve properly.
  7. First question is, will FS be as much opened as P3D to allows TPD using highly complex aircrafts with dll gauges ?? If not, we will have only simple aircrafts to fly with
  8. Simply because MSFS will be a showcase of the cloud computing technology capabilities that MS want to use for their next business model... Flight Simulation is a highly demanding software type in terms of calculations. If they can do that the field of possibilities is wide. They have no other option but to succeed.
  9. FS 2020’will be a showcase for Azure and Microsoft can’t afford to fail its release. FS2020 will be a success that’s a given. I think Azure will be used to offload scenery calculations and ease fps on machines opening the highway to high resolution VR which is any sim graal. Maybe weather depiction will get enhancements as well but I fear, since there are already existing addons embedded into the trailer, that the Flight model engine remains the same old code since fs5 with wrong physics (execute a 60 deg bank angle perfectly coordinated and you will obtain 1.6 G instead of 2 leading to wrong turn radius and wrong aoa...). Let’s hope they pipes the pipes to let the dev use their own engine.
  10. Shortly after this message esellerate finally credited the missing amount.
  11. Hello, I would like to share with the community my feedback about Esellerate as a payee of a well known 320-X addon sold for FSX and P3D platforms, so that other dev can have it in mind before wotking with Esellerate. For those who don't know what esellerate is, it's a sale provider administrated by Digital River that enables through its SPLITPAY functionality to setup a team of individuals working on a project, without them being part of any company. Esellerate pay everyone, every month for the sales realized 2 months earlier, according to percentages (or flat sums) established by the product's Publisher. This can be very fitting for the typical Flight sim developer profile, with a team leader usually working with other people, which is exempted from the burden of making actual payments, maybe different countries, using different currencies and different methods of sending money, etc. Everybody gets realtime sales stats, so everybody in the team can check sales numbers, since they are provided by a neutral 3rd party (Esellerate). The Split-Pay Payees only need to send their name/address details and banking account info, no papers to be signed. On the paper Esellerate sounds great and it could be a great platform in absence of problems that can give headaches to developpers. I noticed one month ago after the release of the P3D version of the 320-X a discrepancy between order IDs details and the detail report provided by their Business Navigator report for the SKU (product). I warned other members of the team and it turned out that we were all missing our corresponding share of the orders made during the release day of the new version of the addon. As you mau imagin, that particular day is crucial since it's THE day we realize on of the biggest sales volume. We contacted esellerate the 9th March to receive explanations and after some several exchanges with what seems to be a robot times we finally got this answer the 16th March where they admit the problem : "Hello, Thank you for your patience. Occasionally when a new SKU is added to a payee account it can take a few days for the system to update and properly credit the account for orders. It appears that this is the case here. The system had not updated yet when the initial sales for this SKU came through. I did check some later orders for this SKU and your account was properly credited so there should not be issues going forward. Our accounting department will need to issue a manual credit to your account for these missing orders. Unfortunately this can take some time to complete but should be done within 2 weeks. You will be able to see the credit by running the Account Activity report in Business Navigator. We apologize for this issue and for any inconvenience it may have caused. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thank you. Regards, Eric Petersen eSellerate Client Services" Today we are the 14th April and some of the team member including myself still didn't receive the due amount from esellerate, and their support is not responding anymore. So far the lessons learned from this experience are : - Esellerate is not a reliable platform, I encourage all payees to cross check sales and payment amount. - Esellerate is not trustable: they are not honouring their engagements: they announce they will fix within 2 weeks what I consider a major issue and 1 month later it's still not done despite several messages from us. - Esellerate support is really poor: most of the time you receive a standard bot answer, requiring to literraly spam them to talk to a "human beeing". From this experience, it seems so far Esellerate considers payees as a sub problem. It's a mistake because it can brake trust, financial stability and motivation within a team leading to business failure. I really hope they will change their attitude in the short term. If so I will share any improvements with you. Best regards, Philippe
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