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  1. Okay Guys thanks for the response. I'll try everything LOL!!
  2. Hi Guys, Wondering if you could advise me the the proper setting for AffinityMask. I have i9-9900x cpu 10 core/20 thread processor. Not sure what I should change it to in P3D v4.5. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. I'm a little new to this as I've just recently purchased this product. I have the 738 House Winglets installed and going through the startup checks etc I notice the Flight Recorder in the overhead panel indicates OFF with the switch in the normal position. Should this OFF light be out? Thanks.
  4. I'm having problems with Prepar3d v4 and need to do a clean install. Can you provide me with the method to deactivate PMDG 737/777 so that when I reinstall P3Dv4 I will not have a problem reinstalling the PMDG product. Thanks.
  5. I've just installed the 737 w/winglets and notice that everything seems to work just fine with the exception that I'm not able to zoom the captains PDF. I can zoom all other displays. Just wondering if this is a bug. My system is W10 plus P3Dv4.3
  6. Thank you for directing me the PMDG Instruction Manual. I found the information on Page 44 as follows: "I turned off the autopilot, but I can’t silence the alarm: You need to press the autopilot disconnect button on your joystick (or the Z key) twice in order to silence the alarm. Make the first press, wait a second or two and then press it again. If you double-press too fast, it won’t silence. Always use the disconnect button, don’t use the disconnect “bar” on the MCP – you’ll have the siren constantly going off if you do." Thank you again for your assistance. Bob
  7. rwcatherall

    A/P Problem

    I've just purchased and installed the 777. Everything works just fine with the exception of when I land and turn off the A/P a "Horn" starts to blow and I can't seem to turn it off. This happens also when I'm on approach and take over manually or autoland and disconnect the the A/P. So obviously I'm missing something.
  8. Hi, I've just purchased and installed FS2Crew and following the instructions in the tutorial I'm not able to change the interface to 'Voice Control' When I attempt to make this change the following is displayed in RED 'Interface Voice Control Lock' Please advise and thank you. Robert
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