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  1. I have the same setup. Since the last update, I have lost the twist rudder support and have had the throttle do exactly what yours is doing. Have no idea if the update even touched any of the control stuff, but my sim has been parked until the next update.
  2. Agree with those who find it horrid. It's the first time in any sim that I simply can't fly at night. It's like flying in a brown soup. Add to that the floating street lights and the perfectly aligned quadrants of those street lights and I last about 15 minutes before hitting the slider to bring the sun back...
  3. Latest Dev release of FBW and Mega Pak liveries in community folder - Sim shuts down at the Japan release screen during start of sim. Clear out community folder - Sim runs fine.
  4. Just absolutely stellar work by those involved, and heartfelt "Thank You!" to those doing it. You folks are amazing!
  5. Make sure you download the Livery pack for the 320. I was getting proper liveries for Horizon, Frontier, Delta, and American callouts from ATC.
  6. I'll see if I can answer for ya. Yes, it was IFR all the way and used ATC in doing so. I flew auto pilot the entire way until the 100ft callout in which I took control. I used the high altitude airways which had me departing KGEG runway 8 using the Alpha and Charlie taxiways. Because of weather planes were landing on runway 8 and for some reason 3 as well? The flightpath then had me turn right while climbing in order to grab the airway. ATC controlled all of my altitudes the entire flight. They also called all traffic around me. I could see every one they called. The landing was not the "automatic" approach the MS defaults with. I chose 16L and the used the default star given for that runway. ATC gave me all altitudes during my decent, and the plan followed the star perfectly grabbing the loc and glideslope. As for the traffic, that star comes in to 16l and has you left turn North of the field. As i broke out of the clouds there were 3 planes i could clearly see in front of me (unknown distance). As I approached the left turn to grab the localizer I counted 9 planes on the glideslope for both 16c and 16l (I counted NAV lights as it was a night flight. No tcas). It was the coolest thing I ever saw. Hope it helps some.
  7. Bone stock Live traffic. No additions to the sim other than the 320 and Liveries. In all honesty I was stunned by the amount of traffic. I wish I had taken a few screen shots, but I was so enamored with what I was witnessing I simply forgot. I'm actually thinking of pulling the flightaware data for last night because it was really really cool. There was an occasional hiccup while I was at the hold point in GEG. A Frontier flight on final simply disappeared on approach, and a Horizon plane wanted to take it's sweet time getting off the active, but I didn't care. It was simply fun to watch.
  8. Quite possibly the greatest flight I have ever had in a flightsim last night. We all know the issues that Asobo are working on, but I just had to put in a word that when this sim works, it works so great. KGEG to KSEA last night. Wanted to take a short hop with the flybywire A320 to see what improvements have been made as I have been away from the sim for the last month. Live weather and traffic was used and since I live in the Pacific Northwest I could look out my window to compare. The weather was absolutely spot on at KGEG with rain, thunder, etc. Everything from startup at the gate and taxiing to the active was perfect. Reaching the hold point, there was a line of traffic landing on the active that had me waiting for a good 10 minutes. After clearance I was off to the west. Busting out of the weather over central Washington, I could see other air traffic heading east. ATC kept me informed of all. 50 Miles east of Seattle things started getting really bumpy during the decent as the weather around Seattle was horrible with limited visibility. As I was worked lower and lower through the clouds, I was stunned to find when I broke out of the weather, that I was sequenced behind 9 other aircraft for 16L. Never, and I mean *never* in any sim have I seen such a realistic representation of activity in the air. It was an absolutely awesome experience. After touching down and arriving at the gate, I shut down and just sat there stunned at what I had just experienced. This sim does have it issues ( I can't stand the Sepia lighting emanating from the ground at night ) but all it takes is one fantastic flight to make one see that it really is a fantastic piece of software.
  9. Encryption. Seriously? Asobo, Please include a template containing the company header for a tinfoil hat with the next patch, please. This is a "normal" software bug that slipped through testing. Nothing more...
  10. Nothing beats sat imagery. Leaving Phoenix for Las Vegas and flew over the Toyota proving grounds. That track is huge!
  11. Make sure that the taxi light is off as well. There is a bug in the A320 that the taxi light illuminates the cockpit. Been there since the Alpha...
  12. I love reading these performance threads regarding stutters, and whatnot. This sim is pushing soooooo much more than anything before it... I ran the Alpha on an I5 w/16 gig and a 2070 on ultra, and it performed just fine. About as good has XP with 3/4's the detail...
  13. I usually fly strictly airliners while simming (XP11 or P3D) and I have not touched either in the last two months. The sightseeing Asobo has created has had me flying Cubs and Cessna's. It's that good.
  14. Sandpoint Idaho to Castlegar BC in the cub was just about the greatest flight I've ever had with any sim dating back to the 80's...
  15. Uh, no. Not realistic at all. Every sim created since the dawn of man never achieved the performance demanded by some on release...
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