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  1. *Shaking my head* What has been shown regarding this sim is so far beyond anything *any* civilian sim has brought to the table is just jaw dropping. And folks are complaining about blades of grass. In a flightsim. Blades of grass!?!? Unbelievable.
  2. Exactly. I'm a software tester by profession. I can test our software up one side and down the other for days and not find a bug. Put that same piece of software in front of someone who has never used it and they can find a bug not even knowing they found one. It usually becomes apparent with usability. One person uses it differently from someone else. As for the videos posted, I don't see somebody trying to be a pilot. I see somebody "fiddling" with what is in front of him. And "fiddling" is what usually finds the "odd" bug not found by professionals.
  3. Folks can try to piece the acceptance puzzle together until they are blue in the face, but it's more than likely never going to be pieced together. I've beta tested every MS flightsim since FS2000 and I have not gotten the invite. This is Alpha. There is a long way to go before release, so not getting in at Alpha doesn't mean you won't get in at Beta if they decide to open it to the insider folks (which I would guess they will).
  4. I find it very hard to believe that someone with 25 years as a software developer would be complaining about "pop-in" on a pre-alpha build... I don't know how many times it needs to be said, but pre-alpha builds are for feature set inclusions, *not* performance. Let it go...
  5. NDA's are no joke. But it's not only because of the written word you sign, it also comes down to integrity. As a beta tester, you're really doing a "job" in helping something progress and the last thing on your mind really, is sharing what you know with those on the "outside". Years back when FS2000 was the talk of the town, these boards were absolutely crazy with guesses and assumptions. FS98 got a bad wrap, and folks were nuts trying to come up with what FS2000 was gonna hold. When the NDA was lifted, Avsim took the immediate steps of clamping down on unauthorized screen shots appearing, and the mods were all over these boards. At that particular time I had to prove that I was one of the beta testers to Avsim before I was allowed to post a shot. I posted a single shot on a request of a user that wanted to see Cleveland. It was 2 weeks after the NDA had lifted, and I got permission from Avsim to do it and was added to a short list of verified members that were allowed to post. And even still, I felt uncomfortable doing it...
  6. Folks, please calm down. As a software tester as my profession, and a flightsim beta tester years ago, any talk of performance is just a waste of oxygen. If the team building this sim is like any other software developer, "Alpha" is still a stage were features are huge on priority, not performance. Chill.
  7. The more things change the more they stay the same... Back when I was a beta tester (FSX) with MS (I started testing sims starting with FS2000) the amount of "noise" heard in the community was at times deafening, and it all centered around the same thing. "Microsoft never listens". Here now, we have a team that is actively interacting with the community (Just after an announcement that a sim even exists) and folks are ripping apart MS in how they are doing it. Folks, I don't really think you understand just how *huge* of a change this is in the process of creating a sim with MS. Let's cut them some major, major, slack on the info they decide to release. They are doing something they have never done. Let's not give them a reason to regret it...
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